I’m totally down with Rob’s band

Brontide + Tall Ships + Minus the Bear = FUN.

(Editor’s note: due to a schedule problem, Brontide couldn’t be reviewed. Sorry.)

They say that you shouldn’t meet your heroes, as the expectations can be so high that the reality will never measure to whatever mental image you’ve made in your head.

Dunno who ‘they’ are, but if I led my life to what ‘they’ said, I’d still have a bully’s boot sole in my face , pinned down to the ground.

But enough about Catholic school and more about music.

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The Harley Four

Yonderboy + Hey Sholay + Alvarez Kings + Bromheads @ The Harley, August 28th, 2010

A four band show was done by Xray Horse Music on saturday the 28th at The Harley (now with more gin), under the consolidating flag of good tunes for a big audience that pretty much packed the place.

So much for a quiet bank holiday.

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A stark, foggy night

I am Kloot – Sky at night

The Skinny: “Some things were made for you to sit and listen to, in a particular order. Some stories have a beginning, a middle and an end. Sit down and listen to ‘Sky at Night’. It has a story to tell you.” – Frank Cotrell Boyce’s Open Letter, published at I am Kloot‘s website.

The review proper: It’s a new stage for I am Kloot (Mercury nominated! Yeah!) and this album is fantastic. No way to beat around the bush. The sound of I am Kloot gets a little re-working (more of a vitamin injection), but never loses it’s identity. Now, lyrics-wise, it’s business as usual, it’s salt of the earth stuff. Urban malaise, yearning, middle age concerns and the usual enlightening pub conversation (we all have been there. Or will be in a few hours).

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Dan Williamson and CatsforPeru @ West Street Live

Lickity Split Presents… Down To The Woods 2! (Featuring Dan Williamson and Cats:for:Peru).

It was a slow Wednesday night on Sheffield, but West Street Live had a little jaunt made by the lovely people of  Lickity Split. Stalls with clothes and some rather scrumptious cupcakes helped pass the time before the free gig started. The musical selection (on vinyl, natch) was righteous, too.

Ah, Dan Williamson, saw him back in March, enjoyed his show, and was looking forward to this. Don’t know (nor care) what genre he’s playing, I just care that I like it and that it’s honest music. With a few depressing moments mixed with some uplifting musical choices, it delivered. But hey, check the links section at the end and grab a copy of his album and chime in!
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Of how I found myself (on the 3rd day of Lollapalooza 2010)

There are times when one ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time, and there’s times where the opposite is the case. Thanks to that modern invention called “business trip”, the events I’m about to guide you through fit on the latter category.

Detroit is only 4 hours from Chicago, Chicago is 4.5 hours from Detroit (help me with the vector sum) and in the centre of Chicago, Millenium Park [Actually, Grant Park. Thanks for the comment section for correcting this editorial fail] to be precise, there’s the traditionally re-invented and corporate friendly version of the iconic 90s festival: Lollapalooza. That freak-show that Perry Farrell invented to expose the utmost hidden treasures of the “alternative” scene (whatever that means) and that now is a pseudo-cultural window display of ropey marketing, made up to the tiniest of details.

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N.E.R.D. vs. G.E.E.K.

First of all, talking about N.E.R.D. is talking about Hip-Hop and Rap, so why don’t I start there? Because today it is all about dubstep (and stuff) and no one doesn’t really understand where that came from.

Oh well, since every guy that “seems to know” about electronic music is talking about genres, I’m going to skip that part.  And no, I don’t have to mention who the hell is N.E.R.D. (speaking of which, it isn’t even written that way) and who in the world the members are. No, I’m not going to talk trash and speak in slang.

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The Sunday Soapbox – 2

Editor’s note : As you know by now, head honcho and loony extraordinarie Quinto was stuck in Bristol. This is a serialised story of his return to Sheffield – M.

Part 1 : A disgraceful comeback

So I was in a coach back from Bristol, still clutching on a red sweater, when a stinky arse Indieholic  sat by my side. You know the type: crap bear, floppy hair, a light beer gut (ironically used, of course), clothes from some random shop with a 70s style logo, brimmed glasses, a J.D. Salinger book. The whole damn scenester/hipster/wankster package.

He chuckled from time to time while reading ‘Catcher on the rye’ while doing notes on a notebook with Snorkel stickers, making VERY sure that everyone in the coach knew he was a writer. What a flippo, I used to do that, but, you know, matured. Haven’t done it in 2 months and am proud of it.

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