Dan Williamson and CatsforPeru @ West Street Live

Lickity Split Presents… Down To The Woods 2! (Featuring Dan Williamson and Cats:for:Peru).

It was a slow Wednesday night on Sheffield, but West Street Live had a little jaunt made by the lovely people of  Lickity Split. Stalls with clothes and some rather scrumptious cupcakes helped pass the time before the free gig started. The musical selection (on vinyl, natch) was righteous, too.

Ah, Dan Williamson, saw him back in March, enjoyed his show, and was looking forward to this. Don’t know (nor care) what genre he’s playing, I just care that I like it and that it’s honest music. With a few depressing moments mixed with some uplifting musical choices, it delivered. But hey, check the links section at the end and grab a copy of his album and chime in!

Anyways, about his live show…Let’s start with ‘Jenny didn’t erase me’, which is a brisky fingerpicking session with some scarily depressing lyrics. Kind of a downer moment, but it’s an enjoyable tune, quite heartfelt too. So is ‘Champion league Wednesday night’, which doesn’t have anything to do with football and feels nostalgic (being left at the school gate and waiting for the weekend…hmm). It was a quiet set, but with an understated power that sometimes can only come out with an acoustic guitar in the right hands. ‘Joey Bowie’ was particularly a good one.

Time and drinks passed and it was time for Cats:for:Peru, who opened with nightmare-in-a-8bit-carnival (TM) ‘Poindexter’, a song that goes to places where no keyboard should go, but does and survives. Then it was time for some ukelele, with ‘Asleep in Monaco’ and ‘Manifesto’ being paired together, a pair of great songs from Attack of the pitching machine. There’s always something about ‘Manifesto’ that makes it a great set piece on their live shows and the live version of ‘Asleep in Monaco’ is pretty nifty, with that extra feeling that you can only get from a live show.

A couple more of new songs were played. The keyboard-heavy ‘Sleeping in tightropes’ was the slow, catch your breath moment, with its insightful and atmospheric pace. It’s hard to describe it in plain words and wouldn’t dare to compare it to something else. ‘Open House’ is a beast of a song, a ditty with the usual Cats:for:Peru method of delivery: changes of rhtyhm and style, some on stage pose-striking and a good tune. Both are a little something to look forward for the new stuff coming from the Cats:for:Peru fountain o’wonderful music.

“This one is on E minor” says Ad (vocals) to some random drunk people on the back that are doing an impromptu karaoke. “Or maybe B minor” he drolly corrects later. A nicer way to deal with people being rude. The show ended with ‘I:am:the:O’, one of the older (and heavier) tracks of the band, with a couple dancing in that deadly half-circle of silence that forms in some gigs (an empty space in front of the band, it’s a weird thing). The song is quite punchier and although it’s not my fave, it was a good closing ditty.

There were also cupcakes, and they looked good. Alas, the pastry was in audio form this time, delivering the whole flavour on a double act that didn’t disappoint.


About the author: Finally got to find Mr. Williamson’s Myspace. And do check the free album!



Dan Williamson

Myspace. Free album <—IT’S GOOD!!! :D


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