Review: Black Cat White Cat, Shields, Wet Nuns @ Bungalows and Bears

It was that cabalistic day where nothing happened: no flaming Cheetos in bags of Wotsits, no asteroids bunging over kids’ playgrounds and certainly no pole shifting (do you ever wonder if God is like a kid playing with magnets?)

Anyways, what DID happen was that Wet Nuns released a friggin’ free song (click!). To celebrate this, they holed up at Bungalows and Bears with some very good company.

The slithering bluesy rock of Black Cat White Cat is always an enjoyable show. Not only because all members are doing a fantastic job on instruments, but the combination of a very powerful voice with an hypnotic musical base seems to deliver a great wallop. Always liked the “breathing” effect in ‘Fridge’ and ‘Fat Bitch’ is a rocker that really shows Ms. Angela Basson‘s vocal range.

The unknown band of the night was Shields. The 5 members of the band looked slightly nervous for a few seconds, but then decided to go hog wild with their crunching sound. A strange mixture of Helmet and Hum (comparison might be askewed due to what I listen to at the lab), their grungy sounds where a revelation and hopefully their craft will be available soon(ish). Oh, wait, it’s already available for free here. Trying to remember if they opened with ‘Nimoon Bilboogin’. Not sure, but it’s a keeper.

Last but not least, the Underworld Kings of the night, wut? nones Wet Nuns. Looking quite happy after releasing ‘Heavens Below’ that very day (you have your copy, right?), they looked at the audience, then at each other and started to play. The packed place meant that there were no other souls for them to collect for their Dark Overlords (who allegedly live in Castleton).

Ripping out staple songs ‘Laura’ and ‘7 year itch’, both Terence Trent D’Barndance (Growls, Vocals, Guitar) and Grim Westwood (Perfect torso, Vocals, drums) were on great form.

No talk of chair surfing tonight, though, but you wouldn’t miss it as the banter was top notch as usual (including a quick moment of breaking out of character to thank the public). ‘No death’ is always a trippy joint live and ‘All the young girls’, a song about poontang, is always a hoot (specially when a very lucky member of the audience got a dedication). ‘Don’t wanna see you no more’ is still a solid number and ‘Heavens below’ (get it, it’s free) closed their awesome set.

It was a good night of solid, strong performances. Between the jazzy blues of Black Cat White Cat , the complicated and precise riffs of Shields and the blues death attack of Wet Nuns, the audience was definitely the winner of this combination of talented bands.

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Words: Sam

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