Soul Pulling

Stream – ‘Don Benito’

The first thing that I noticed about Iecava‘s album  Khuda was the melodic riffs and the strong rhythm, a glorious mix for the kind of music I love. I think this is what represents the psychedelic bubble in which the music surrounds you.

The fluency of the songs is given by the unexpected variations, very appropriate in time and place. The well managed distortion doesn’t represent anger but “fight for your dreams ” and a path to find the truth, with obstacles but an ultimate and important goal. It’s the kind of music that makes you fly through the infinite and connect to the Universe.

The first two songs, ‘Seia’ and ‘Boreas’, seem to be merged in one great song, however if you listen to them separately they are great by themselves. This is probably something that happens with all the songs in this fantastic album, but I felt it the most with this pair. So, let’s say they are all very fluid songs, you can listen to the album once, twice and so on and you will never get bored, similar to travelling through that endless loop that draws a spiral. And at the end of this continuity, you get to point where you also feel like merging with the music. In two words: Energy amalgamation.

Now it’s time to talk about the song that gives name to the album: ‘Iecava’. In my opinion it’s one of the best song in the album. You can tell that since the beginning because you’re caught; you keep listening and  the intensity of it starts going up, like trying to reach the stars. But it keeps the ethereal atmosphere, not extremely loud nor high, just growing little by little until the spectacular culmination.

Then there is this song ‘Haikyo’ that seems to be depressing, but to some extent, it shows the light at the end of the tunnel, so that you should keep it up and never let yourself down.

Even though all the songs are delicious, I will pause my step just to describe one more, the one that inspired me and wrapped me, ‘Don Benito’. This is the best song of the album. It’s the inception of flying in a spiral. I know I mentioned the whole album draws a spiral but this song is a spiral itself, indeed and it may be considered the initial point of the great spiral that the album creates. Am I being clear enough? If not, go and listen.

Khuda’s music is not the typical one that everyone likes, it’s very unique and special, the kind of music that pulls out the soul of anyone, specially the ones that have a free spirit and an open mind.

Iecava is not an album that makes you to reflect but instead it makes you enjoy and let it be. The catharsis and chaos that appeared in each song lead you to equilibrium, and at the end of the road you get the answer: peace of mind.

So you might deduct I really loved this creation. And even though I tried to be the most objective to write this, I got totally trapped and enchanted.

Words: LalaUsagi

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One thought on “Soul Pulling

  1. estimada amiga… además de todo tienes buen conocimiento musical, hablas como toda una experta de esta música… no sabía que te gustaba tanto la música… me gusta tu descripción.. y la neta escuchar me gustó, está como para una rica echado en una hamaca, jajajaja, con un buen vino… saluditos! :D

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