N.E.R.D. vs. G.E.E.K.

First of all, talking about N.E.R.D. is talking about Hip-Hop and Rap, so why don’t I start there? Because today it is all about dubstep (and stuff) and no one doesn’t really understand where that came from.

Oh well, since every guy that “seems to know” about electronic music is talking about genres, I’m going to skip that part.  And no, I don’t have to mention who the hell is N.E.R.D. (speaking of which, it isn’t even written that way) and who in the world the members are. No, I’m not going to talk trash and speak in slang.

The fact is, I don’t even manage to remember the time in which the thin line between every genre in electronic music was broken, allowing fusions of all kinds to see the light day after day after day (ask Beatport if you don’t know what I’m talking about).

And, in the beginning, there was N*E*R*D. Who doesn’t remember ‘Lapdance’, ‘She wants to move’ or the acclaimed and highly commercial “Everyone Nose”? Yes, while all the girls were standing in the line for the bathroom, music has changed and Hip-Hop has even changed more than everyone can imagine.

Focusing on music itself, rather than in sexy/mild lyrics, “Hot ‘n Fun” arrived as the newest single from the soon-to-be-released  Nothing. A release that  has been pushed to September (for the tenth time).

My point: a song this nice and intelligent shouldn’t have to pass as being an infamous pre-release single, in fact, I think this is one of the greatest songs of the year for the electronic industry (pretty close to ‘One’ by Swedish House Mafia). The heavy bass, the hypnotic drums, the hooks and the irritable voice of Nelly Furtado, who for once in her lifetime seems to just match the perfect tones of a tune that makes her sound like a pretty good singer.  All these are  the  key elements of what Hip-Hop music should turn into.

I’ve always been a fan of this trio and must say this is not a groove apart from their roots, but an amazing step, since people always had been looking forward on to a change (specially since Pharrell Williams has done amazing stuff in his solo projects). Every one is wondering about how the album is going to sound, to which I say: let’s sit, relax, maybe grow a indie-esque few weeks’ beard and wait for what must be one of the best albums of the year; if not we can play ‘Hot ‘N fun’  all day long.  And with this hypnotizing bassline, please feel free to lose your mind, get high, get money, get sex, get real, all intertwined!



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