Club 60 singles launch

After a few years of effort, Club 60 is now releasing a series of singles, starting with two 7″ vinyls. The aim of the label is to put some Sheffield acts on the limelight.

That’s all well and good. So was the gig organised to give a little taste of what the musicians featured in these upcoming singles have up their sleeves.

Starting the night was a very short acoustic set by The Don Genes, armed with only a guitar and a precarious-looking stool. The short ditties were the only sound in the very quiet club. A nice starter. Michael Eden started his set, in the usual, tunnel like bit of Club 60. His voice is pretty good, like an old school crooner letting it all out, dressed very smart and generally just having a lot of swagger for his music. Like I said, there’s something about his voice that really sells his act. Musicians helping him out were also good.

Black Cat White Cat are an interesting species. It’s three blokes and a girl and for the first moments you see them, you don’t really know where it will go. There’s some blues here, that’s for sure, but then it’s rock. A pal once described them as “seedy” and it could very well be the sound of a 70s exploitation film, with cigarette burns and all. There’s some scat singing on their set opener (‘Daddy bap bap’), a strange voicemail message from an inconstant lover (‘Shiny river’) and the strange mic shenanigans from ‘Fridge’ (their upcoming single on the 7″).

There’s something about obLONG‘s show that seems to deliver a punch every time I see them. For starters, there’s something very symmetrical about their stage positions, especially when Hugh (bass, right handed) and Steve (guitar, left handed) are on the opposite sides, looking like a space fighter jet (!) in attack position. Their show is always intense, with some very heavy riffs (‘The Knife’), a catchy bass and voice combination (‘You should be mine’) and the slow, “maybe I should’ve acted differently” retrospection you get from a song like ‘The disappointment’. Their upcoming single, ‘In remission’ sounds great live.


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