Album Review: Versus You – Moving On

Verses you

‘Fat Lip’ and ‘From Under the Cork Tree’ are just a couple of great releases that the genre of ‘pop punk’ gave us. However, it also gave us long, drawn out and downright whiny vocals. It feels like you could probably complete an ultra marathon and master 3 disciplines of kung-fu by the time Tom Delonge has finished moping about how you are already the voice inside his head.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Waking Aida – Eschaton

Post-rock. Math rock. Ambient rock – music with these tags are captivating to the imagination. The music is made up of bubbles of elements forming balls of tones, textures and temptation. Waking Aida have caused a terrific landslide within the scene and it’s clear why. Continue reading “ALBUM REVIEW: Waking Aida – Eschaton”

EP REVIEW: Mononoké – Tom Finigan

What’s in a name? Well, this York trio have certainly picked a good one, naming themselves after the Studio Ghibli masterpiece ‘Princess Mononoke’. Furthermore, one of the film’s central characters – the ‘Forest Spirit’ – is represented on the arresting cover of their debut EP, Tom Finigan, with a pair of large antlers protruding from the head of an owl. Continue reading “EP REVIEW: Mononoké – Tom Finigan”

REVIEW: Lykke Li – I Never Learn

What should a good album cover do? It should encapsulate the tone and general sound of an album, or at the very least, give the listener a good indication of what to expect. Swedish singer-songwriter Lykke Li’s latest LP I Never Learn has a perfectly-pitched front sleeve.


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NEWS: Waking Aida – Glow Coin (video) + UK Tour Dates

Experimental rock outfit Waking Aida released a music video for Gold Coin taken from their forthcoming début album,’ Eschaton’ (2nd June) yesterday. You can pre-order ‘Eschaton’ via their bandcamp.

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Then Thickens – Death Cap At Anglezarke


Some of the songs on ‘Death Cap At Anglezarke’ wouldn’t go a miss on a set list of a stadium rock band. That might conjure up some painful images – Bono getting his nipple out live on television or Springsteen croaking through ‘Born In The Usa’ – but this comparison is not an insult. The band has transformed from what started out as solo demos, by lead singer Jon-Lee Martin into powerhouses of songs while retaining an alt-rock credibility. Continue reading “Then Thickens – Death Cap At Anglezarke”