ALBUM REVIEW: Waking Aida – Eschaton

Post-rock. Math rock. Ambient rock – music with these tags are captivating to the imagination. The music is made up of bubbles of elements forming balls of tones, textures and temptation. Waking Aida have caused a terrific landslide within the scene and it’s clear why.

The debut album ‘Eschaton’, has many different strings attached to its bow. Sometimes it attacks, sometimes it’s stripped back, sometimes it’s any math-heads hit and sometimes you’re left shattered and content. The release is intricate, well managed and beautifully arranged so when you listen to it, you can dream, instead of worrying about being awoken by sections not flowing in a linear pattern. Yes – it’s math rock! So, yes! There are sections which feel choppy, disorientated and disjointed to the rest. But it’s smooth. The crescendos are well developed, especially in ‘Matted Fur’’ it’s not overwhelming though mind. You’re ears don’t feel like their about to cave in on themselves – which is always helpful, right?

Each track slides delicately into the next – potentially the greatest and most desired aspect of bands within this genre. The album, although 8tracks long is one piece. One piece of intelligence and maturity. ‘Your Tiny Voice Is Booming’ is a little gem with its bass thuds progressing into delicate mathy twinkles, which sound like drops of rain filling the water bowl. As the track progresses we are invited into a new dimension of atmospheric wonder – this track is for you Icelandic post-rock fans. ‘Glow Coin’ is an incredible mix of beauty and the placing within the album is spot on. Post-rock takes you go on a journey. Therefore, Gold Coin’ highlights how we as listeners have grown with the record and the band to feel at ease – when the crescendos are let loose it seems perfectly normal and altogether it’s epic in every way. The final two minutes of this record is a complete howler. a demolition of noise, ferocity of energy and an incredible finale

Waking Aida have an Enemies feel to them, only lighter and less forceful. Their debut is incredibly rewarding to their talents and I’m not surprised that their name is creeping up the ladder of bands we should be giving lots of time to.

Waking Aida – creating music to inspire and educate – you must listen to this release. A 2014 favourite.

Words: Catriona Chadderton

FFO: Alpha Male Tea Party. Enemies. This Will Destroy You. For A Minor Reflection.

Waking Aida: Website. Bandcamp. Facebook. Twitter.

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