Then Thickens – Death Cap At Anglezarke


Some of the songs on ‘Death Cap At Anglezarke’ wouldn’t go a miss on a set list of a stadium rock band. That might conjure up some painful images – Bono getting his nipple out live on television or Springsteen croaking through ‘Born In The Usa’ – but this comparison is not an insult. The band has transformed from what started out as solo demos, by lead singer Jon-Lee Martin into powerhouses of songs while retaining an alt-rock credibility.

‘Heaven Wont Wait’ opens up with Martin’s vocals over an eerie instrumental; joined by Thorpe’s subtle backing vocals stirring up melancholy and atmosphere.. With the strum of one guitar chord, we are introduced to the towering sound which remains high throughout the album. Like Di Stefano to Ferenc Puskas or Yorke to Andy Cole, ‘Heaven Won’t Wait’ is a perfect foil for the driving guitars, heavy chords, and underlying synth lines of ‘Restart Your Heart’.

‘Death Cap’ takes the album away from the ever building tracks that have come before it, to a grittier, alternative rock inspired sound. Opening up with spiky chords, before seamlessly floating into a jangly guitar riff and back into the opening chords when Martin comes in with his vocals. Tiny Legs’ teases, starting with Martin’s vocals over a clean channel guitar and building slowly to a near climax then suddenly coming back down again. When the track hit its peak, we are treated to both Martin and Thorpe calling on the full force of their vocal abilities, and it’s a treat that’s for sure.

Then Thickens do a lot of things well, honourable mentions have to go out to Martin’s song writing skills, the tracks ‘Matthew’ and ‘Worms’ featuring those huge sing along choruses which stick in your head for weeks, feeling like instant rock-ballad classics. Overall, I think the fact that the band is comprised of musicians from Chorley, allows it to stand on its own feet and gives it an endearing and ‘real’ quality. On top of this the dual vocals are reminiscent of The Stone Roses and Red Hot Chilli Peppers, understated and hiding in the shadows but very much still a big part of the song, adding the icing on the cake to a collection of great music.

Words: Ryan Moss

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Death Cap At Anglezarke

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