Video: Vyctoria – IV

Photo: Jessa.

A walk through a forest can be terrifying. A walk through a forest can also be a healthy way to achieve mindfulness. Heck, a walk through the forest can be just that: a gallivanting ramble through nature.

A walk through forest can be anything you want it to be, depending on your state of mind.

Vyctoria‘s haunting video for ‘IV’ takes all these previous statements on walking, tosses them aside and goes to deep slumber. The dream like atmosphere, paying tribute to ambient horror and classical paintings, smoulders through the viewer’s mind. There is something unnerving on display, even if nothing is too explicit to be actually shocking.

The thoughts of several people make up for this strange, wonderful forest that in its darkness, lets the light seep through, showing the human condition at its best and its worst. Fears pushes through the once tranquil surface, the ripples will still be there once the music vanishes.

‘IV’ should whet your appetite for Vyctoria‘s new album, V, out on vinyl on July. The video was filmed by Guillermo Magariños, shot by Eber Morales and edited by Eduardo Palenque. Filming locations include Los Dinamos and Centro Ceremonial Otomí.  


Verónica Langer
Héctor Toledo
David Villegas
Andrés Acosta
Judith Rodríguez
Christian Diez
Clementina León
Gustavo Gil
Elizabeth Flores

All photos by Jessa.

Words: Sam J. Valdés López

Vyctoria Facebook. Bandcamp. Twitter. Soundcloud.

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