Stream: Moulettes – Behemooth


In this month of May, 2016, when the air pollution of Mexico City clashes with daily doses of heavy rain, tempers flare and cool at the drop of the dime. Moulettes might not live here, but ‘Behemooth’ captures the chaos of a megalopolis like Mexico City.

A mix of Moulettes‘ ace folk with a fierce grasp on prog, ‘Behemooth’ is an energetic romp that grabs you by the collar and drags you for a good five minutes. It’s not a bar-brawl calibre of dragging, there’s a gentle approach to the staccato-like assault. You might end up a little bruised and worse for wear, but it was for your own good (and possibly there’s a drink afterwards.)

Moulette’s new album, Preternatural, is out on May 27th. It’s a trippy one and it’s highly recommended by us.

Words: Sam J. Valdés López

Moulettes Website. Soundcloud. Twitter. Facebook.

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