Video: Firesuite – Harbour


Fresh off the oven, we’re stoked about Firesuite‘s brand new album, Outlive your body. We’ve featured a two songs before, ‘Deadbeat‘ and ‘Edge of the Earth‘ and now we have the video for ‘Harbour’ for your viewing pleasure.

A mix of stargaze and rock, ‘Harbour’ features the mix of intimacy and full-blown emotions that Firesuite weave with deft hands. A quiet whisper leads to a distorted power chord, a bass chases a drumbeat into the night, and the juxtaposition of female and male voices clash, creating a spectre that haunts you.

You can buy ‘Harbour’ at Firesuite‘s bandcamp. It includes the b-side ‘Dust’, exclusive to this release. Outlive your body will be released later in 2016.

Words: Sam J. Valdés López

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