Review: White Reaper – White Reaper

wreaperSomewhere past 11 PM, White Reaper‘s self titled EP comes up on my mp3 player (set to random). It’s a sweltering night (32 Celsius) and I walked the colonial-styled city centre, looking for anyone who’d listen to my ramblings.

No one would, so I grabbed the first safe-looking bus I could. ‘Conspirator’ had been playing for 6 times in a row because I disabled the shuffle. Needed a song like that on a night like this. Slightly surfy (at least on drums) and very raucous in all other aspects, it felt like a good ditty to let pressure out. The other five songs did the trick too.

‘Cool’ felt like a cross between Dan Sartain and Japandroids; the clash between lean punk and garage rock with a great solo to please the six-string junkie in me. ‘Funn’ was exactly that and I’d mosh to it but I’m sitting between a guy that stinks of paint thinner and a bored night watchman. It’ll be a long trip back home and when you are tired on a hot day, night time brings some weird dreams.

‘She wants to’ is the fiercest moment in the EP and when the bus finally changes lanes into the express way, a cool gust of wind takes away the mad heat. This is a great moment to delve into the best cuts from White Reaper: ‘Half Bad’ and ‘Ohh (Yeah)’, both songs sharing keyboard noodling that reminded me of those strange, surf soundtracks to old Luchador films like El Santo vs La Invasión de los Marcianos, only with less hurricanranas and more trusty drumfills.

The night still is warm when I get to my stop and for all the frustration of a day horribly wrong, there’s a brief moment of respite courtesy of White Reaper‘s EP.

Words: Sam J. Valdés López

White Reaper Website. Facebook. Twitter. Soundcloud. Bandcamp.


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