Review: White Reaper – White Reaper Does it Again

  Ever since I first heard White Reaper, I associated them with the height of night time. As you can gather from White Reaper Does it Again‘s oddly memetic album cover, either they read my review or I somehow tapped into their consciousness. But hubris and telepathic abilities aside, what you really get from White Reaper Does it Again is the feeling of driving fast at night. Maybe … Continue reading Review: White Reaper – White Reaper Does it Again

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Review: The Fervor – Bleeder

Back when Arise, Great Warrior came out in 2011, the short album felt like an epic tale of dark Gothic Americana songs mixing the sound of seedy dive bars and supernatural tales from the deep South. With Bleeder, the storytelling feels more nuanced, so what once were strokes of ocher and dark yellow are now shades of aquamarine with emerald green brushstrokes. This subtlety is … Continue reading Review: The Fervor – Bleeder

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Tales of the Pill Generation : Angels of the Silences


1996 was a weird year for me. I can’t pinpoint how or why, but I knew a change was coming. A severe one. When I arrived to Louisville in 1995, I met this girl named Chloe and we instantly hit it off. She got me into the music scene back then, so I was all over bands like June of 44, Ruckus and Rachel’s. Plus a couple more, but those were the ones we enjoyed best. She always chastised me for not arriving earlier, when Slint were wowing a chosen few. Time would prove her right on that band. Continue reading “Tales of the Pill Generation : Angels of the Silences”

Interview – The Fervor

Photo: The Fervor’s Facebook.

Wow, has it been a year already since we reviewed The Fervor‘s Arise, Great Warrior ? Well, it’s been a little more, but we certainly enjoyed the album (link!). What’s a website to do but manage to squeeze in their very busy days (they’ve been playing a lot of shows) and managed to get an interview via email with Ben Felker, who handles guitar and some additional voice duties. He also impersonates Warren Beatty. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Continue reading “Interview – The Fervor”

Interview – Shipping News

Shipping news. Source: Shipping News Facebook

Shipping News are a band from Louisville, Kentucky. Their sound is equal parts post rock, punk and hardcore elements. Last year, they released a monster of an album called One less heartless to fear (shameless plug – review) and we loved it quite a bit. Since we (Tonan & Sam) are unabashed fans of the band, we managed to cajole an email interview with them. They are Jason Noble (guitar/voice), Jeff Mueller (guitar/voice), Kyle Crabtree (drums) and Todd Cook (bass) and they make a very cathartic sound when they take the stage…

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Wake up to… The Shipping News (slightly remixed)

I love The Shipping News. They’ve done one of the most visceral, punchier albums I’ve heard recently, the brutal One less heartless to fear ( review). Besides having a bassist with a magic knack for doing killer basslines (proof – Bad Eve), they also are from the fabled Louisville, Kentucky, a town so laidback it didn’t tarred and feathered neither Cameron Crowe nor Orlando Bloom … Continue reading Wake up to… The Shipping News (slightly remixed)

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