Sloucher’s Summer Release Guide

slouchercd1So, the summer season is nigh and since there’s a barrage of releases (and re-releases) coming our way, we thought about making this lil’ guide with some suggestions. Every beginning of the month, we’ll post all the cool stuff to look forward.

We are only counting stuff released between June and August and before you complain about the Summer starting on June 21st, well, uh… give a Solstice, take an Equinox?

Oh, well, music…



Alpha Male Tea Party – Droids

Delicious Math Rock/Electronic/Progressive from Manchester and Liverpool. Their previous releases hinted to a heckuva album and this is it. Available on Bandcamp.  (02/06)

Alarm Bells – Part Two

The vertiginous Alarm Bells strike back with this neck-breaking EP. Get it here. Digital version available from the good people of Battle Worldwide Recordings (02/06)

American Analog Set – Know by heart

Do I really need to add anything else? It’s a stone cold classic from a wonderful band. Now on vinyl again, thanks to the nice folks from Barsuk Records. (03/06)

James – La Petit Mort

Long time coming, but this new album is a welcome addition to any James‘ fan worth their salt (and then some.) Missed them like hell and feel a lil’ better now. (03/06)

The Teen Age – Ways to Adapt

Debut EP by this Brooklyn Trio is quite promising. Out on PaperCup Music. (03/06)

Dead English Gentlemen – We Don’t Tell Lies. We Just Keep Secrets.

Three guys and a mad as marbles sound, proudly made in Sheffield’s 2fly. Loud and chunky, just the way it should. Out on Jammed Together Records. (06/06)

Savage Sister – Huge Moves

Hi, my name is Sam, I’m Mexican and I have a shoegaze/dreamgaze addiction. Savage Sister are now my enablers for this month. Thank you. 7″ Huge Moves is available now. (06/06)

Spoon – They want my soul

Not much has been released about this, just the ominous “RIP” billboards and the creepy video teasers. Anyways, here’s another teaser (10/06).

Dignan Porch – Observatory

Laid back rockers Dignan Porch have Observatory out near the halftime of June. A little bit of lo fi, a little bit of relaxing grunge, a lot of heart. Out on Faux Discx (16/06).

Save – Monsters & Fairies

What would life be without experimental music? A joyous EP. (17/06)

Dead Stars – Slumber

The frantic and fuzzed out rock and roll dabblings of the very cool Dead Stars is now encapsulated in album form for you. Out on Old Flame Records (17/06)

Secret Cities – Walk me home

The band’s 3rd album is a true labour of love, made possible thanks to a successful kickstarter and a mad 10 day recording session at John Vanderslice ‘s Tiny Telephone studio. Western Vinyl is your huckleberry for this one. (24/06)

The Golden Grass – The Golden Grass

Summer months mean road trips (even if it’s to Costco…darn it!) and The Golden Grass got your groovy backs with this great album. Out on Svart Records. (30/06)


—Coming Soon—


—Coming Soon but Beach Day are a top priority—


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