Sloucher’s Summer Release Guide

slouchercd1So, the summer season is nigh and since there’s a barrage of releases (and re-releases) coming our way, we thought about making this lil’ guide with some suggestions. Every beginning of the month, we’ll post all the cool stuff to look forward.

We are only counting stuff released between June and August and before you complain about the Summer starting on June 21st, well, uh… give a Solstice, take an Equinox?

Oh, well, music… Continue reading “Sloucher’s Summer Release Guide”

ALBUM REVIEW: Waking Aida – Eschaton

Post-rock. Math rock. Ambient rock – music with these tags are captivating to the imagination. The music is made up of bubbles of elements forming balls of tones, textures and temptation. Waking Aida have caused a terrific landslide within the scene and it’s clear why. Continue reading “ALBUM REVIEW: Waking Aida – Eschaton”

Preview : Strangeforms


The fine people of Bad Owl (purveyors of great live music) have cool lil’ festival for you people bored of Easter Biblical films. StrangeThis very weekend, 19th and 20th of April, at the Wharf Chambers in Leeds, you’ll get a veritable cornucopia of bands, all for the grand total of 9 quid per day (or 15 for the whole weekend, so you know you need to go both days). Continue reading “Preview : Strangeforms”

EP Round Up : Cult of Luna, Hot Beat Repeat, Loveless, Alpha Male Tea Party, Cmn Ineed Yr Hlp, Antoine Reverb


Hullo, guvs and guvnettes, this is our always late EP round up, where we trawl through the titanic troves of tinnitus-inducing music and bring you the best of what’s around. Or at least what WE think it’s the best of what’s around.

Remember: don’t adjust your opinion.

In our usual analogy form, we will be comparing each of these EPs to something cool and entertaining. For this week’s edition, I’m comparing each EP to a Titan. Yes, we’ve done this before, and I don’t care if you think we are repeating ourselves, it worked for Arcade Fire, right?

Oh, well, sigh. I’ve brought a couple of extra reviewers for this one.. Continue reading “EP Round Up : Cult of Luna, Hot Beat Repeat, Loveless, Alpha Male Tea Party, Cmn Ineed Yr Hlp, Antoine Reverb”