Podcast: Radio Chaneque – Peticiones

Nota: Si el widget no funciona, escucha el podcast directo en Mixcloud. Lo prometido es deuda y es hora de cumplirle al estimado público de este podcast. Todas las peticiones que nos hicieron llegar por los distintos medios de comunicación que utilizamos son cumplidas en esta emisión. Recuerden que estamos en Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Skype, Instagram y hasta por paloma mensajera. Gracias por este primer … Continue reading Podcast: Radio Chaneque – Peticiones

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Interview : Adi Carter

Like most of the nice folks in Sheffield, I met Adrian Carter through a combination of Twitter and musicians. The first time we had a long conversation was about Peter Davison‘s stint in Dr. Who. I can’t really recall how much we trashed or lauded the one in the cricket gear, but our usual conversations, whether online or at the earlier times at Tamper Coffee … Continue reading Interview : Adi Carter

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Sloucher’s Summer Release Guide

slouchercd1So, the summer season is nigh and since there’s a barrage of releases (and re-releases) coming our way, we thought about making this lil’ guide with some suggestions. Every beginning of the month, we’ll post all the cool stuff to look forward.

We are only counting stuff released between June and August and before you complain about the Summer starting on June 21st, well, uh… give a Solstice, take an Equinox?

Oh, well, music… Continue reading “Sloucher’s Summer Release Guide”

Video Round Up: Dead Stars, James, Faces on Film, The Harrow, Dan Sartain

"He wondered if she got him that Matt Smith autograph he wanted". Photo: Crucible Theatre website.
“He wondered if she got him that Matt Smith autograph he wanted”. Photo: Crucible Theatre website.

James are back with a monster of an album called La Petite Mort (out on June 2) and while we count the days like a kid waiting for his Christmas gifts, we have this hellacool stopmotion video for ‘Moving on’, directed by BAFTA winning Ainslie Henderson (check his stuff here). Born from conversations between Tim Booth and Ainslie and a serendipitous walk by a Scottish woollen knitwear shop, the subject of the video is “death as birth”. Can’t wait to hear this album.

James Website.  Twitter. Continue reading “Video Round Up: Dead Stars, James, Faces on Film, The Harrow, Dan Sartain”