Sloucher’s Summer Release Guide

slouchercd1So, the summer season is nigh and since there’s a barrage of releases (and re-releases) coming our way, we thought about making this lil’ guide with some suggestions. Every beginning of the month, we’ll post all the cool stuff to look forward.

We are only counting stuff released between June and August and before you complain about the Summer starting on June 21st, well, uh… give a Solstice, take an Equinox?

Oh, well, music… Continue reading “Sloucher’s Summer Release Guide”

New music – May 16th, 2014

  OK, not all is “new” here, most egregious of all is the inclusion of Len‘s ‘Steal my sunshine’, but hear me out: the song will be re-released by the mighty Alcopop! Records and I’m fond of this song as it reminds me of a girl, who was called Paola, not Karen. But, yes, new music, please! Listen the post rock odes from Mexico’s Jvne, the lovely … Continue reading New music – May 16th, 2014

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