Cat’s Bedroom Jams 3


Happy Tuesday everyone…ready for a Cat’s Bedroom Jams 3? Sorry about the previous one, if it was a little too ‘G’ or something like that…You know me, living the reckless high life nowadays. I kid. Well the 3rd instalment brings a bit more RAWK and emo into our ears. Good stuff right? This playlists features a few local (Leeds) gems – James Carroll and Piles of Clothes (AKA Andy Crowder – Main Bro over at Musical Mathematics)…beautiful stuff, right? Check ’em if you haven’t already. Until next time..OH AND APPARENTLY…Sam got an Empire Strikes Back lunch box from SXSW…what the hell man? Where’s mine?

CATRIONA CHADDERTON (not too sure why I felt the need for Caps Lock and my full name but you know, got those Tuesday feels, yo!)


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