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Cat’s Bedroom Jams 3

Happy Tuesday everyone…ready for a Cat’s Bedroom Jams 3? Sorry about the previous one, if it was a little too ‘G’ or something like that…You know me, living the reckless high life nowadays. I kid. Well the 3rd instalment brings a bit more RAWK and emo into our ears. Good stuff right? This playlists features a few local (Leeds) gems – James Carroll and Piles … Continue reading Cat’s Bedroom Jams 3

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Wake up to Spring Offensive

Holy frijoles refritos! This is a pretty good (although depressing) song to start up a week, but, fuck it, it’s almost Autumn (or Fall…) and the days are shorter, the grey (gray!) skies are getting starker and moods are down. Where are my meds*? Anyways, this is Spring Offensive and the song is ‘Not Drowning but Waving’, a 5 minute introspective track with touches of … Continue reading Wake up to Spring Offensive

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