Band Of The Week – Ceiling Demons

Alternative hip hop trio Ceiling Demons released ‘Dual Sides’- their debut EP IN DECEMBER?! Where have I been living…better late than never, right?

Slightly aggressive, I like how the record isn’t pretentious. You get me? Hip hop is something which can be a little bit overpowered by the likes of the mainstream invading into our lives – It’s not even hip hop so whatever! I’ll shut up.

The beats are edgy but beautiful – I’m sure a little bit of Clams Casino inspired beats can be heard and I like that, a lot. Fourth track ‘Journal’ has a dark edge to it. The use of the piano lifts it, and it creates a lightened feel contrasting with the lyrics.

I like the story behind the release, darkness into light. This is real, you know? Life stories. They mention the Age of Aquarius…if that’s not cool, then I don’t know what is, really. Thank fuck for that. Support real stuff. I LIKE THIS A LOT.

If you’re a fan of Death Grips and the ladz over at High Focus…then I’m sure you’re going to love this!

Check out these upcoming shows:
Newcastle UK – Mr Lynch, Jesmond – March 18th 2014 (Free show)
Wakefield UK – Wah Wah Records –  April 19th 2014 (In store show for RSD)

YO1 Festival, UK – York – May 4th 2014

Leeds UK – 360 Club, The Library – May 17th 2014
Richmond Live, UK – Richmond North Yorkshire – August 1st 2014
Amsterdam, NL – tbc – October 4th 2014



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