Stream: Vyctoria – IV

  We are quite excited that the baroque pop magicians from Vyctoria are back with a brand new track, called ‘IV’! It serves as a sort of teaser trailer for their upcoming album, out later this year. ‘IV’ takes a baroque pop layout, mixes a few strokes of post rock and builds a bonfire with fiery tendrils reaching towards heaven. But ignore my hyperbole if you want … Continue reading Stream: Vyctoria – IV

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Review: Pompeii – Loom

Hey, remember that time I was tired beyond belief watching Pompeii in an Austin BBQ joint? No? Maybe for  the best, so here’s the executive summary: Pompeii are back and they have an album called Loom out. It’s splendorous. Review done, milk is cancelled, the cat’s gone out, goodbye. No, actually, grab a seat and let me tell you about the beauty inherent to the … Continue reading Review: Pompeii – Loom

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Stream: Withershins – Mt. Fuji in blue

We are really happy to host the exclusive (WOO!) stream of Withershins brand new album, Mt Fuji in Blue. The album sports a fine blend of Space Rock with hints of post hardcore, math rock an shoegaze. The fine duo of Allen Epley and Eric Albert (you might know them…) recorded and mixed, with  the band joining them for production. Mt Fuji in Blue is out this Tuesday, August 12CD, … Continue reading Stream: Withershins – Mt. Fuji in blue

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ALBUM REVIEW: Waking Aida – Eschaton

Post-rock. Math rock. Ambient rock – music with these tags are captivating to the imagination. The music is made up of bubbles of elements forming balls of tones, textures and temptation. Waking Aida have caused a terrific landslide within the scene and it’s clear why. Continue reading “ALBUM REVIEW: Waking Aida – Eschaton”

External link to Cat’s Bedroom Jams 3

Cat’s Bedroom Jams 3

Happy Tuesday everyone…ready for a Cat’s Bedroom Jams 3? Sorry about the previous one, if it was a little too ‘G’ or something like that…You know me, living the reckless high life nowadays. I kid. Well the 3rd instalment brings a bit more RAWK and emo into our ears. Good stuff right? This playlists features a few local (Leeds) gems – James Carroll and Piles … Continue reading Cat’s Bedroom Jams 3

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