Stream: Wot Gorilla? – …And then there were three… / Skiddaw

Tuesday is the February of the week. This is not up for debate. Wot Gorilla? are wonderful dealers of Math Rock. This is not for debate either. Just fresh off the oven, ‘…and then there were three…’ is a gentle reminder of the industrial strength of Wot Gorilla?’s intricate web of riffs, drumming and shushed vocals. The pacing can be urgent, almost manic and then flip over … Continue reading Stream: Wot Gorilla? – …And then there were three… / Skiddaw

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EP Review: Irk – Bread And Honey


Some things in life are synonymous with each other, like AFC Ajax producing talented young footballers, or American TV companies making super addictive shows. For the city of Leeds it is being home to an endless amount of heavy music. Continue reading “EP Review: Irk – Bread And Honey”

ALBUM REVIEW: Waking Aida – Eschaton

Post-rock. Math rock. Ambient rock – music with these tags are captivating to the imagination. The music is made up of bubbles of elements forming balls of tones, textures and temptation. Waking Aida have caused a terrific landslide within the scene and it’s clear why. Continue reading “ALBUM REVIEW: Waking Aida – Eschaton”

EP REVIEW: Mononoké – Tom Finigan

What’s in a name? Well, this York trio have certainly picked a good one, naming themselves after the Studio Ghibli masterpiece ‘Princess Mononoke’. Furthermore, one of the film’s central characters – the ‘Forest Spirit’ – is represented on the arresting cover of their debut EP, Tom Finigan, with a pair of large antlers protruding from the head of an owl. Continue reading “EP REVIEW: Mononoké – Tom Finigan”

External link to Cat’s Bedroom Jams 3

Cat’s Bedroom Jams 3

Happy Tuesday everyone…ready for a Cat’s Bedroom Jams 3? Sorry about the previous one, if it was a little too ‘G’ or something like that…You know me, living the reckless high life nowadays. I kid. Well the 3rd instalment brings a bit more RAWK and emo into our ears. Good stuff right? This playlists features a few local (Leeds) gems – James Carroll and Piles … Continue reading Cat’s Bedroom Jams 3

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