Countdown to Detestival


We are quite excited about Detestival, the festival curated by Wet Nuns! Taking place in Queens Social Road on March 30 & 31 (Easter, amen!), the line-up is a quite impressive one.

The bands, handpicked by Wet Nuns are: Wolf People, Toy, Hawk Eyes, Bo Ningen, Wet Nuns, Temples, Hookworms, Black Moth, Throng, Kult Country, John J Presley, Salem Rages, Blood Sport, Temple of Coke, Dry Heaves and Flaming Skulls.

We’ll be doing another preview the week before the event, for now we’ve got:

Flaming Skulls are a duo playing desert rock. As I said before: “Think of a place between Queens of the Stone Age (for riffs) and Helium/L7 (for the grungy vocal delivery) and you could create a congener for this band.”

Flaming Skulls Soundcloud. Facebook.

Blood Sport have always enjoyed weaving an intricate and catchy musical tapestry, with their live sets being more of a continuous track. They’ve released a couple of EPs, Fruits: The Tye Die Tapes Recordings and Journal No. 4.

Blood Sport Tumblr. Soundcloud. Bandcamp. Myspace. Reverbnation.

Black Moth are what the Victorians could’ve produced in the Hard Rock genre if they weren’t busy with psycho killers, gaslamps and Jules Verne. Nothing wrong with the last one, though.

Black Moth Bandcamp. Website. Twitter. Facebook.

Temple of Coke provide (un) holy riffs for your listening pleasure. Best accompanied with rum and healthy dashes of lime.

Temple of Coke Bandcamp. Twitter. Facebook.

Tickets are also available from the following outlets in Sheffield: The Harley, The Wick At Both Ends, Record Collector, The Old Sweet Shop. You can also buy them from

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