Gallery – The Unfortunate Incident, The Hope Explosion and Love at Death Beach

So, we had this lil’ gig at The Harley a couple of weeks ago and y’all were real nice and visited us. Sure, due to health and safety regulations, Orestes and his naked dancing cows revue had to be cancelled and the toxicity of the stamp we used at the entry is still being tested, but we had fun. It wouldn’t be fair to self-review … Continue reading Gallery – The Unfortunate Incident, The Hope Explosion and Love at Death Beach

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Interview: Japanese Sleepers

Source: Japanese Sleeper’s Facebook. Go say “hi” to them :)

                                                                                     l-r: Gemma, Neal, Alex, Andy & Stephen

I’m slurring my words and my friend, Sr Huevo* is even worse. I tell him, “Don’t fucking say a word” during the interview I’m about to do with Nottingham/Sheffield-based band Japanese Sleepers, “Not a word!” Sr Huevo shakes his head like he actually understands what I’m trying to tell him.

“All my lyrics are really sad, I find it hard to write lyrics that are…it sounds really emo doesn’t it!?” Says lead singer Andy whilst discussing his musical style.

Sr Huevo: “You need to cheer up mate”

“It’s cliché but the best artists seem to come out of heartbreak or existential crises. I went through all my songs on iTunes the other day and tried to look for songs that are happy, lyrically positive and it was out of 6,000 songs I could think of maybe like, 14. This is why my lyrics are so sad!” Continues a chuckling Andy.

Sr Huevo: “Was this Spice Girls by any chance?”

Andy: “Yeah the one Spice Girls album that I’ve got!”

In my addled mind, Sr Huevo may as well be Michael Parkinson right now. This is going to be great…
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Wake up to… Love at Death Beach

The lads from Love at Death Beach have an upcoming EP, which will be free as an early download if you buy a t-shirt from them. They were kind enough to give us a heads up and here’s a sneak peek to ‘Transfixion’. Recorded by James Kenosha (who produced Dinosaur Pile-Up and Pulled apart by horses) and mastered by Rob Gordon, this new material sounds … Continue reading Wake up to… Love at Death Beach

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Preview – 2 sloucher gigs for y’all

Hi! Well, long time coming and finally it’s happening! The first two gigs, one celebrating the fact that we enjoy music a lot and the second one, well, consider it the non-birthday one. First, we cordially invite you to come to The Washington pub on Wednesday April 13th and enjoy the talents of Goodbye Good, Firesuite and The Unfortunate Incident, playing their lovely music, … Continue reading Preview – 2 sloucher gigs for y’all

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