Preview – 2 sloucher gigs for y’all

Hi! Well, long time coming and finally it’s happening! The first two gigs, one celebrating the fact that we enjoy music a lot and the second one, well, consider it the non-birthday one. First, we cordially invite you to come to The Washington pub on Wednesday April 13th and enjoy the talents of Goodbye Good, Firesuite and The Unfortunate Incident, playing their lovely music, … Continue reading Preview – 2 sloucher gigs for y’all

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An interview with Sheffield’s greatest monkey

Interview – Jonny Sock

(no, he ain’t from the Arctic…)

Our previous online editor, Orestes, was killed by the minions of the Angel of the North (true story, I have the video to prove it!), but waaaaaaay before that unfortunate incident (see what I did there? tee hee), he/she/it managed to get an interview with equally dead sock monkey Jonny Sock in the now soon to be deceased The Grapes.

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Unfortunate letters about incidents – 7

Welcome to our new weekly column with Russ “chords of gold” Palmer. This week, he writes with grave concern to Top Shop

(and here’s a song to listen to while reading this incident…)

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The Sunday Soapbox

The sad end of a mysoginist.

(or is it?)

As Quinto stumbled through Penistone road after doing another fatty blunt-batastic, he thought that it all was a little too silly for his liking.

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Happy hour at The Grapes

Electric Tape Recorder, The Unfortunate Incident and Pisco Sour Hour @ The Grapes

Pisco, the lovely people behind themed-shows at The Grapes, offered a night of varied acts. The motif for the night? Bad luck, it seems, as there were mock broken mirrors, black cats, open umbrellas, stairs and a copy of Tony Blair’s memoir.

One of the hardest jobs in the world has to be opening a night at a sparsely populated gig room, but even with these odds against them, Electric Tape Recorder did a very good show. ‘Rope’ is a great song live (love the precarious balance between a calm voice and a yelp that’s ready to become a scream).

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