30 days, 30 bands – #15 The Unfortunate Incident

“The Unfortunate Incident!” “Who?” “The Proclaimers with Zac Effron.” “Sorry, I’m lost. Would you happen to have a pouty band instead?” “Who?” indeed. I mean this in a nice way. They had praise from Steve Lamacq. They had a great show at the O2 Academy. They gorged on Krispy Kreme donuts at DQ during Oxjam 2009. They always played their hearts out. They endured a … Continue reading 30 days, 30 bands – #15 The Unfortunate Incident

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Sloucher Boxing Day Mix CD

What? You thought we only were going to do one free mix cd this year? Aw hell naw. We took a cue from The Smashing Pumpkins (the first band to release a free album on the Internet, check it!) and we just neg’ed the cover and got more awesome bands to donate tracks. Since the previous one was based on a Mexican festivity, why not … Continue reading Sloucher Boxing Day Mix CD

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Invitation – Acoustic Loveliness

Acoustic Loveliness and the Rutland Arms invite you this Saturday 19th to an evening of acoustic music, featuring: Vom Vorton http://vomvorton.co.uk/ Marie Naffah http://www.marienaffah.co.uk/ The Unfortunate Incident:  You could either go and get lost in Cineworld for an entire day or, dunno, pop down for a Slutty Rutty Butty (arteries…hardening….so…much…taste!) and a Techmophobeer and then go up the stairs and catch a free evening of good music. Continue reading Invitation – Acoustic Loveliness

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Tramlines 2011

Tramlines 2011. 

Every year, the city of Sheffield goes into full party mode and hosts the Tramlines festival, a veritable smogarsbord of musical talents, packed venues and heat stroke incidents (some of them rather unfortunate).

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Gallery – The Unfortunate Incident, The Hope Explosion and Love at Death Beach

So, we had this lil’ gig at The Harley a couple of weeks ago and y’all were real nice and visited us. Sure, due to health and safety regulations, Orestes and his naked dancing cows revue had to be cancelled and the toxicity of the stamp we used at the entry is still being tested, but we had fun. It wouldn’t be fair to self-review … Continue reading Gallery – The Unfortunate Incident, The Hope Explosion and Love at Death Beach

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Preview – 2 sloucher gigs for y’all

Hi! Well, long time coming and finally it’s happening! The first two Sloucher.org gigs, one celebrating the fact that we enjoy music a lot and the second one, well, consider it the non-birthday one. First, we cordially invite you to come to The Washington pub on Wednesday April 13th and enjoy the talents of Goodbye Good, Firesuite and The Unfortunate Incident, playing their lovely music, … Continue reading Preview – 2 sloucher gigs for y’all

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Free stuff, you guys…

First of all, happy 2011! Second of all… ah, sod it, here’s links to free shit we dig. -Sheffield’s own Pete David & The Payroll Union serve you up a slow burning lamentation that although a bit long, doesn’t outstay its welcome. Love the banjo-heavy instrumental break near the end. Oh, and the song is called ‘Abigail’ and you can get it very free right … Continue reading Free stuff, you guys…

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