Singles Round-Up: Firesuite, Car Crash Sisters, Kal Marks, Hookworms

Another week, another calamitous congregation of squiggly tracks that want to piqué your interest into bands that would very much like to friend up. Or at least get your ears for a few moments. Firesuite – Little Sacrifices An eerie sample from a lost cosmonaut sets the mood for the most recent music from Sheffield‘s always underrated, always unloved, always unparalleled Firesuite. Another slice of … Continue reading Singles Round-Up: Firesuite, Car Crash Sisters, Kal Marks, Hookworms

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30 Bands, 30 Days – #2 Firesuite

“So, why ‘beat combo’?”  “Chris thought it was a funny way to describe ourselves. Maybe the joke got lost somewhere…” Of all the adjectives I could throw to Firesuite (and I’ve thrown quite a few praising them…), I never quite understood the “beat combo” thing, but I assumed it was an oblique joke, a Family Guy-grade cutaway joke that might or might not be self-deprecating. But that’s where … Continue reading 30 Bands, 30 Days – #2 Firesuite

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Video: Firesuite – Harbour

Fresh off the oven, we’re stoked about Firesuite‘s brand new album, Outlive your body. We’ve featured a two songs before, ‘Deadbeat‘ and ‘Edge of the Earth‘ and now we have the video for ‘Harbour’ for your viewing pleasure. A mix of stargaze and rock, ‘Harbour’ features the mix of intimacy and full-blown emotions that Firesuite weave with deft hands. A quiet whisper leads to a distorted power chord, a bass … Continue reading Video: Firesuite – Harbour

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Stream: Firesuite – Deadbeat

  It’s been a long time inside a chrysalis state, but Firesuite‘s new album, Outlive your body, is nearing its release date and there’s  a new track to whet appetites of shoegazers and space rockers alike. The instrumental ‘Deadbeat’ iterates itself in a swirl of atmospheres, jazzy drums and cosmic guitars. An amorphous shape in space collects rays, waiting to explode like a pulsar. Great job by Old … Continue reading Stream: Firesuite – Deadbeat

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Stream: Firesuite – Edge of the Earth

Sheffield‘s Firesuite have been steadfastly providing spacey shoegaze/post hardcore music for a few years now and we’ve been eagerly waiting for new material. So we are pretty happy to bring you the brand new Firesuite single, ‘Edge of the Earth’, from their upcoming album, Outlive your body, which drops later this year. ‘Edge of the Earth’ was recorded at Old Pig Farm Studios in the … Continue reading Stream: Firesuite – Edge of the Earth

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Podcast – 8 songs with Firesuite

Join us for another Radio Chaneque podcast. This time I interview Chris Anderson from Firesuite, one of my fave bands from Sheffield (I do talk a lot about them, yes). We talk about music, life and its vicissitudes and general band life while a little pet dog tries to bite my toes off. Recorded in 2012. Firesuite Bandcamp. Twitter. Facebook. Myspace. Soundcloud. Continue reading Podcast – 8 songs with Firesuite

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Rough Shag : That Fucking Tank, Shields, Firesuite


…the thing is: I like Bungalows and Bears. I’ve said this several times to everyone and it’s my lucky place. Really. It’s the only place women have walked towards me and started a conversation. True, 75% they were extremely drunk but, hey, they were good conversations…

Continue reading “Rough Shag : That Fucking Tank, Shields, Firesuite”

Tramlines 2013 – The good, the bad and the _____


Well, Tramlines 2013 is done and dusted and I’ve reviewed it amply for La Pop Life (a top site from México) and Goldflakepaint (a top site from Bristol). For my own Shithole of a Website (TM), Sloucher, I’ll do a bit of photo caption and then go into an assessment of the bad, the good and the _____. Continue reading “Tramlines 2013 – The good, the bad and the _____”

Tour diary – Firesuite


It doesn’t matter what age you were when you saw it, if you are musically inclined or dabble into music journalism/blogging, Almost Famous probably stroke a chord with you.

At least it did with me.

So, for a long time, I really wanted to go on tour with a band. Previous attempts fizzled due to:

A) Bands splitting

B) Bands going broke before tour even has started

C) Bands not inviting me to go on tour with them (understandable)

D) Bands thinking I wouldn’t write about them after going on tour (unforgivable)

Thankfully, the very lovely people of Firesuite thought it would be nice to invite me to their minitour in February. Sadly, PhD stuff got in the way, so I only attended three out of the five dates. So much for goals…


Anyways, here’s a write-up of how it all go. Sure, it was a few months ago but we all had to decide how to present this. Sarah (guitar, vocals) and Christopher Anderson (guitar, vocals) chime in with their experiences: Continue reading “Tour diary – Firesuite”