Single Reviews – Wild Palms, Les Shelleys, Field Music

Field Music – Measure

Third and final single from their 2010 album, Measure, goes for the complete old jangly British Pop of yore. A building string (sometimes feeling like a sampled drone, sometimes adding an extra zest to the song) accompanies this song that borrows from several eras and delivers some true pop. Not the best one from this album, but it does have some stiff competition in it.

Les Shelleys -The world is waiting for the sunrise / Oh babe it ain’t no lie.

‘The world is waiting for the sunrise’ is one of Les Shelleys sweeter covers (original one by Gene Lockhart, my fave version was by Willy Nelson). Keeping on the spirit of the original, it starts as a very introspective peace then going into full romantic/sweet mood, probably like an early summer sunset. Or at least that’s the feeling I get. Love “my heart is calling for yo-ou-hu!” bit.

The side B of this release, ‘Oh babe it ain’t no lie’, sounds more as a tribute to their approach to oral tradition folk, with the song sounding like an old, bittersweet lamentation. I swear you can listen to a dog barking in the back, giving it even more of a lo-fi charm to it. Great cover of Elizabeth Cotten’s wonderful song.

Wild Palms – To the lighthouse / Draw in light

‘To the lighthouse’ sounds slightly shoegazey (for evidence, wait for the 1:50 – 2:00 mark, love it!), with a very relaxed pace that lets the song breathe for a while, build slightly without ever really soaring, but giving you a lot of atmosphere instead. The last minute and a half or so is when the song really kicks it around, again, never exploding, but keeping your attention firmly grasped.

‘Draw in light’, the b-side, is much poppier, but still you get some great guitar atmospheres and that chunky wall-of-noise approach that never saturates, but, makes sure you are aware is in the same room as you.


About the author: I wish I could play guitar, then I would take a stab at the Great Mexican Songbook. Then again, no. Can’t subject you to that.


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