Medicine – To The Happy Few


It’s been eighteen years since Los Angeles based Medicine released new material, and over twenty since the original line up all played together. So, with psychedelia infused grunge, shoegaze melodies and a love for guitars with extra distortion, let’s see what Medicine have produced in their latest offering, the long player To the Happy Few. Continue reading “Medicine – To The Happy Few”

Cats:For:Peru – Tender Branson EP

There’s days when the cognitive dissonance between “fanboy” and “critic” exacerbate the already bloody conflict in the head of a humble servant. Today feels like both sides are out with all guns a-blazin’, as the newest EP by Cats:For:Peru puts me in the difficult position: should I be honest or should I be empathic?  Continue reading “Cats:For:Peru – Tender Branson EP”

Tense, Dark & Noisy

Album review: Underground Railroad – White Night Stand

Listen to ‘Russian Doll’:

London-based Parisian expats Underground Railroad release their third album White Night Stand this month. Despite the band having previously confessed their love of American music, their dark and noisy, proggy post-punk definitely has more of a British feel this time around. Well, those gloomy London days were bound to have an effect sooner or later…

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Deep and Dense

Album Review: Firesuite – You’re an Ocean Deep, My Brother

The first time I listened to Sheffield-based band Firesuite’s new album, ‘You’re An Ocean Deep, My Brother’ I almost had a cortical aneurism and it took me a full four weeks to pluck up the courage to listen to it again.

Let me explain…this record is so big, so epic and dense that I really think it is going to be of massive importance to this band’s career. When I heard it I went, “Oh my god…” and I couldn’t really take in the sheer heroic scale of thing. All I could think was, “How the hell am I going to review this?!!!” Well, eventually I managed to think up some strings of word-descriptors to do so; I was planning a piece of expressive contemporary dance but the editors pulled the plug on that at the last minute…so, words it will be.
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Panoramic Musical Power

Live Review: Esben and the Witch supported by Trophy Wife, & Fixers @ The Harley, 07.02.11

There’s been a bit of a buzz going ‘round about Esben and the Witch and the somewhat unearthly sonic landscaping of their debut album Violet Cries (review here). Related links have been flying to and fro across the office computers for a while now so you can imagine our collective excitement at being able to witness the band’s live show first-hand….

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Floating endlessly under the stars

Amusement Parks on Fire – Road eyes

Stargazers, that’s how Amusement Parks on Fire have defined themselves, not shoegazers. This really strikes me as surprise because every time I listen to them I feel like turning my head up to the sky (or the ceiling, it basically depends where am I at that moment). I’m not sure if that movement comes from their high pitched-tone songs or because there’s certain hidden optimistic message behind their songs. Still, I wonder.

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