Review: Correatown – Sleep and other drugs

The first time I met Angela Correa, she was part of a lovely acoustic duo called Les Shelleys. The second time I met her, she was performing as Correatown, a more dream pop oriented outfit that created gorgeous warm songs that delved into C86 and a spot of electronics. Then I saw her live in Wakefield, promoting Pleiades (our review). She mentioned that the tour … Continue reading Review: Correatown – Sleep and other drugs

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Interview – Les Shelleys

Les Shelleys are a fun band. It has been said before in this very site. They also do a very good live show. This also was said right here. After a great gig in the Night and Day Café in Manchester, I managed to talk with Tom and Angela, in a basement that looked a lot like Fight Club. A lot of leg pulling and tongue-in-cheekness ensued…

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A quiet affair

Chi Limpiroj + Jay Leighton + Les Shelleys + Gregory and the Hawk @ Night and Day Café, Manchester

Picture this: A cold Monday night in Manchester in a half filled Night and Day Café. 4 acts with no rhythm sections (at least, not conventional ones) and a looming harsh winter season. Such was the stage for a night of calm music.

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