Old school reverberation…

The Lucid Dream – Erbistock Mill (EP)

The skinny: Extremely lo fi and noisy

The review proper: First of all, a quick apology for the band as they’ve sent this album a big while ago. The easiest way to describe the sound of The Lucid Dream would be to stand at the corner of lo fi and shoegaze and wait for the next car to pass to be driven by The Jesus and Mary Chain.

So basically, they do sound a bit like Jesus and Mary Chain, but less Scottish and more atmospheric. I got the devil maybe it’s the closest it gets to an easy comparison and it’s the weak song from the album. Nothing wrong with the music, it just doesn’t do it for me.

Mind you, it changes from here onwards (it’s a 4-track EP). Jesus say my prayers is a slow burn until it decides to say “fuck it” and go for a crescendo approach that never lets go. The track slowly gives way to another crawl like song, the top choice track (for me) of this album, I feel so lonesome (I’m blue for you).  It’s the combination of droning feedback (or is it an e-bow? Love it), the voices and the authoritative tom drumming that makes it great.

The EP closes (with a cool crossfade) with The Twilight End, a jangly little ditty that is a good choice for a closer. Last thing: on a tech side of things, the mixing is pretty nifty. As loud and muddy as it gets, you still can tell stuff apart and the rhythm section is a joy to listen to on a good pair of earphones.



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PS: You can order the album from Norman Records. Quickie link here.

5 thoughts on “Old school reverberation…

  1. Old School Reverb… spot on – A top top band… If you haven’t seen the video for I Got The Devil it’s up on YouTube and is a watch. Expect new material soon and big things from The Lucid Dream – see them live if you get a chance too.

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