Pisco Sour Hour Presents: Glass Antenna, Audrey Horne and Pisco Sour Hour

It’s a strange thing, the situation with the Shakespeare’s. It’s a rather excellent pub with some tasty ale (I.e. anything by Acorn) but you don’t hear much about the gigs there. It befuddles me, as the music room is rather excellent and it’s not really that far from the main transport routes.

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Review : Brown Brogues, Milk Maid and Mazes – The Harley

A night of noise. That’s the basic gist of what it was to be at The Harley on a Monday at the beginning of October. Three bands, different amount of members, slightly similar vein of musical preferences but not quite the same sound (although the affinity was quite evident). Continue reading “Review : Brown Brogues, Milk Maid and Mazes – The Harley”

A Thousand Plays…

Review: Mazes – A Thousand Heys

It can be so refreshing to hear some straight-up indie rock every once in a while; just a band that know how to play a good tune without four synthesizers and twenty pedals daisy-chained through a grand piano, a small cat and the kitchen sink. Whoever said that a cheery melody and a catchy chorus weren’t exciting anyway!? Because British band Mazes are about to prove them utterly wrong…

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Interview – Bromheads

First time we heard about Bromheads was due to one of our writer’s watching their slightly chaotic show in DQ during Tramlines 2009. Since said writer (name rhymes with Spam) is a big fan of the band, we managed to get a quick interview with Tim (guitar, voice) and Dan (drums), who were kind enough to take all the questions we sent their way.

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From Austin, with love (for acid)

Black Angels – Phosphene dream

The Skinny: A very psychedelic trip.

The Review Proper: The newest album by The Black Angels is a proper punch to the head. Now with more tremolo. And Stephanie Bailey drumming the hell outta the water a lot of her male colleagues.

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The Harley Four

Yonderboy + Hey Sholay + Alvarez Kings + Bromheads @ The Harley, August 28th, 2010

A four band show was done by Xray Horse Music on saturday the 28th at The Harley (now with more gin), under the consolidating flag of good tunes for a big audience that pretty much packed the place.

So much for a quiet bank holiday.

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Old school reverberation…

The Lucid Dream – Erbistock Mill (EP)

The skinny: Extremely lo fi and noisy

The review proper: First of all, a quick apology for the band as they’ve sent this album a big while ago. The easiest way to describe the sound of The Lucid Dream would be to stand at the corner of lo fi and shoegaze and wait for the next car to pass to be driven by The Jesus and Mary Chain.

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Wake up song for today – 76

Pretty gutted to hear Supergrass are splitting up. This is one of their best and a lovely example of the tritone (aka Satan’s chord). Godspeed, guys. Will miss Gaz’s ‘chops. —Sam PS: Also, listen to the album where this prime cut came from, the excellently-titled In it for the money. Continue reading Wake up song for today – 76

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Wake up song for today – 67

From Liverpool with Love! I was pretty impressed by The Loud last Saturday at The Grapes and by perusing at their Myspace, I found they recorded this live session. It’s pretty much how raw they sound. Click ’em and check ’em! If you are in Liverpool this Saturday 3 of April, mosey down to Static Gallery (23 Roscoe Lane – Q) as they have an … Continue reading Wake up song for today – 67

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