Nowhere Again – Now I am Twenty

Stream – ‘Hardman Square’

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Electric Tape Recorder @ Old No. 7

Electric Tape Recorder is back in action after a spot of resting. With newer material (the only oldie they played was ‘Blackwave’) being played to a small but engaged audience at the filing cabinet of rock called Old No. 7, they seemed ready to put their rocking hats on. 

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Liars Beware of the fuzz…

Liars Beware – The last 24 hours EP.

The skinny: A cotton swab to the timpanii. Allegedly. With fuzz.

The review proper: Pretty lo-fi and rocking effort from this band comprising members from everywhere else (Smokers Die Younger, Nature Set) and exmembers of somewhere from past yonder (Long Blondes, Navvy).

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A lo-fi dessert

Sophie Mac  – Apples EP

Play a song while you read the review!

The Skinny: An impromptu session in a living room. You bring the wine.

The review proper: Pretty much what you it says in the tin: “a live recording in a living room with borrowed equipment and a cup of tea”. Sounds like a plan.

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Old school reverberation…

The Lucid Dream – Erbistock Mill (EP)

The skinny: Extremely lo fi and noisy

The review proper: First of all, a quick apology for the band as they’ve sent this album a big while ago. The easiest way to describe the sound of The Lucid Dream would be to stand at the corner of lo fi and shoegaze and wait for the next car to pass to be driven by The Jesus and Mary Chain.

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