Singles – Bromheads, Firesuite, Chickenhawk and Kong

Bromheads – Friends

The little ditty that could. A bittersweet song about the ups and downs of friendships and maybe that the best course of action is just to shrug your shoulders and soldier on. Getting kicked out TWICE from a building might be the side-effects of this earworm of a song. Love the drumming and “you will like it after you’ve heard it twenty times” (TM Tim from Bromheads) .

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Dungen – Skit I Allt

It was because of a happy accident that I found this band, and it only took me less than  one hour to fall in love with this project: a Swedish band from Västergötland made of 4 minds, being one the mastermind of it all: Mr. Gustav Ejstes.

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Review – KiN (demos)

While we wait for the proper review of KiN‘s first EP ‘…’, here’s a quick review of the first batch of demos contained in their Myspace: No outline The intro is great, with the little droning buzz being a little canvas where samples and the “goat voiced girl” start improvising. There’s some moody stuff, but in true KiN fashion, the tempo picks up (love that … Continue reading Review – KiN (demos)

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The Ark that Jonny Sock built

(with apologies to Asleep at the Wheel – Q)

The Unfortunate Incident – Build your own ark

There are some bands that really make me cry out loud: “why am I not in the UK!?” Thanks to the magic of this blog and to the band’s official site, there’s access to their songs for someone living on the other side of the world and while listening, I really feel a good mood arriving to my head.

Fun, eclectic style, folk, and 50’s rock and roll (milkshakes, ice cream, the prom’s queen and her beau: the end of a prom to be exact, when everybody’s dancing so close and there are drunk people on the floor already). This band really knows how to have a great time making music.

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The Battle of the free releases

Sp pic from Bromheads pic from Reverbnation.

So, it has come to my attention as co-editor in chief in this pocilga that there’s two bands devotedly loved by our staff. One is The Ones led by Uncle Fester (The Smashing Pumpkins) and The Dynamic aural range Duo from Sheffield (Bromheads). Even stranger is the fact that both bands have been unleashing a free download unto the Internet since last year.

Is this a direct bout or just the zeitgeist (see what i did there?) of our current music delivery sensibilities? Who cares? I smelled a box match and, well, let’s weigh the last singles each band have released.

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Over the seven hills and far away

Nat Johnson & the FigureheadsRoman Radio

The skinny: Skate, rattle and roll, you dirty rotten souls!

The review proper: Deceptively urgent. That’s the “pretentious lazy journo” term I’ll be using on this one. Sure, it’s mostly acoustic and in the pop side of the spectrum, but Roman Radio rocks. Maybe not so obviously on the sound side (although distortion is not a requisite for rock), but sure does on the lyrics front.

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Primordial (noise) soup

Retro Soup – EP

The Skinny: Some free noise for you all lovely people.

The review proper: Well, if the cliché about currents and trends repeating every 20 years is true (and sometimes it feels), then some bit of a throwback to the Industrial genre is due.

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Bolita bolita bolita!!

Dinosaur Pile-Up – The most powerful EP in the universe

The skinny: Some fuckin’ excellent grunge from Leeds.

The review proper: Who cares if grunge seems to be extinct? We’re due for a revival! And hopefully part of this attack of the Seattle flannel ‘n’ sardonic voice combo will include Dinosaur Pile-Up (no relation to Jim Yoshii Pile-Up), a band from Leeds who laid this short and sweet EP unto the unsuspecting public.

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Hazy flashbacks…

The Keys -Fire inside

The skinny: From Wales with love. And lysergic acid.

The review proper: Getting it out of the way, I gotta say that the first two songs really didn’t do the trick for me, I’m afraid. Nothing against the music, but it feels too much of a throwback to old things. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, as taste is always a terrible bias trigger.

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Singles: Violet May and The Monicans

A couple of songs doing the rounds here at the site… The Monicans – My Love Without pulling any punches, My Love, starts fast, meanders slightly but then decides to go for a rocking finale. Seriously, that last moment begs for a few jumps during a live show or at least a spot of headbobbing. The Monicans – Into The Rows The second half of … Continue reading Singles: Violet May and The Monicans

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