Echodrone’s now just teasing us…

The taxon of bands organized as “shoegaze” by the witty and the jaded (aka music writers) is pretty diverse. A mish mash of organisms with varying degrees of feeding patterns, grazing for your likes and your money, forming a community that might not be resistent, but it’s resillient. Some species barely change, like an apex predator with a robust verbzilla and album everyone decided it … Continue reading Echodrone’s now just teasing us…

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Video: Echodrone – Save Me

Super excited to bring you the brand new video by Shoegaze darlings, Echodrone. ‘Save Me’ hastily soars towards the sky, trembling the ground with supersonic waves of proper shoegaze.  Past, Preset and Future. their upcoming album, is a feast of warm reverb, dreamy soundscapes, and a hazy vast panorama, a reminder that shoegaze has a lot of soulin each layer of its intricate form. Gliding … Continue reading Video: Echodrone – Save Me

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Stream: Lull – Nouvelle

The term shoegaze is too freely used these days. A sort of catch-all box formerly known as “indie” and “alternative”. Then again, for London’s own Lull, the genre does fit, but it’s only part of the outfit. The rest of the dashing clothes include a vest weaved with a harsher colour of dream pop, where the harmonic arrangements envelop a sound that conveys yearning. Traces of Chamber Pop are on display … Continue reading Stream: Lull – Nouvelle

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Stream: Firesuite – Deadbeat

  It’s been a long time inside a chrysalis state, but Firesuite‘s new album, Outlive your body, is nearing its release date and there’s  a new track to whet appetites of shoegazers and space rockers alike. The instrumental ‘Deadbeat’ iterates itself in a swirl of atmospheres, jazzy drums and cosmic guitars. An amorphous shape in space collects rays, waiting to explode like a pulsar. Great job by Old … Continue reading Stream: Firesuite – Deadbeat

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Video: Car Crash Sisters – All my friends live underwater

Because New Jersey ain’t the whole world, like Mark Kozelek said, and because Mexico City definitely isn’t Mexico (that’s what my grampa used to say), we’d like to introduce you to a lovely band from the fine city of Aguascalientes called Car Crash Sisters.  Part Amusement Parks on Fire, part Cocteau Twins and mostly themselves, Car Crash Sisters gaze into a singularity and come out unscathed, surrounded by swirling effects and the … Continue reading Video: Car Crash Sisters – All my friends live underwater

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Review: Echodrone – Five

Outside, the snow was falling slowly. A morning that started overcast soon gave a small warning of sleet, following by a decisively strong flurry. The usual silence that greeted me on my walk through the city’s shortcuts was replaced by an ululating whisper that turned into howls in the narrow ginnels. Still, I managed to be early and I could see the fluffy snowflakes circling … Continue reading Review: Echodrone – Five

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Premiere: Echodrone – Octopussy

I’m pretty sure there’s a tablet with commandments for this Shithole of a Website (TM) called Sloucher where we admit loving Shoegaze. The same tablet also confesses our love for John Hughes films and a love of cover versions, as they bring a whole new layer to a song we love and cherish. Echodrone has fantastic songs of their own and have previously dabbled into cover songs … Continue reading Premiere: Echodrone – Octopussy

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Review: R.M. Hendrix – Urban Turks Country Jerks

Shoegaze has made a comeback. Recent years have seen artists like The Horrors and Deerhunter leading the revival of the genre that blossomed in the eighties and nineties. Hell, even groundbreaking shoegazers My Bloody Valentine regrouped to release their first album in 22 years, with 2013’s MBV and returned to the stage to significant acclaim. So, continuing the increasing popularity in the genre is R.M. Hendrix, with his latest album Urban Turks Country Jerks. Continue reading “Review: R.M. Hendrix – Urban Turks Country Jerks”

Interview – Echodrone

Source: Echodrone’s Bandcamp.

It’s no secret that Shoegaze is a very much loved genre in this Shithole of a Website (TM) called Sloucher. Is it the inherent dreaminess of the sounds? Is it the sometimes whispered vocals? Is it the slight scary undertones of some songs? Whatever it is, our goose pimples are on the draw and all hairs on the back of our neck are ready to stand whenever those reverb & echo drenched notes arrive.

And for the cornucopia of bands we’ve found that do the genre, Echodrone is simply one of the best we’ve encountered. A serendipitous email and some very late reviews later and we’ve found the essence of the band still lingering in the halls of this joint.

So, an interview was not only a necessity, but a privilege. We got in touch with the band and Meredith Gibbons (vocals), Brandon Dudley (bass) and Eugene Suh (vocals, guitars) were kind enough to take our questions.

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