Gig Review : Brown Brogues (w/ Rumpus and Bad Grammar)


For some strange reason, the Bowery has been putting up some great shows as of late. It’s either the coin-op arcade games or the cocktails luring the flies to the proverbial honey, but, yes, the soul-shaped hole that the death of Soyo Live left in us has been slowly filled by The Bowery, Great Gatsby and Bungalows and Bears, who is like the good friend that never went away but we didn’t notice was there all along. Continue reading “Gig Review : Brown Brogues (w/ Rumpus and Bad Grammar)”

Tramlines 2013 – Recommendations


We know it’s a very busy weekend, this whole Tramlines thing, so we’ve done a lil’ list of bands we really suggest you check. Heck, some of these we placed in a neat lil’ podcast.

Like last year, we’ve compiled a nifty PDF file you can print with our recommendations. Print it double sided, fold it and Bob’s your uncle (we did the DNA test).

Sloucher – Tramlines 2013 recommendations (click here for pdf download)

Don’t agree? The official Tramlines website has the whole guacamole-filled quesadilla and even better, you can buy a Tramlines guide (which wasn’t made in fugly Excel like mine) for 3 quid, available right now at The Harley and The Wick at Both Ends.

Without any further ado (the lest words I type, the less grammar mistakes I make) here’s a few venues we believe have a gorgeous line up… Continue reading “Tramlines 2013 – Recommendations”

Gig : Dad Rocks! and Tall Ships @ The Bowery, Sheffield

A few hours before this gig, I was interviewing Dad Rocks! and two things struck me: the wide-eyed perspective the band has about fatherhood (a central team on their great album, Mount Modern) and the extremely easy going personality they had. The interview went quite swimmingly (any band that likes Owen and Red House Painters is great in my book) and while I was setting up the camera at the front of the stage, it struck me that tonight’s pairing was indeed a very odd one. Continue reading “Gig : Dad Rocks! and Tall Ships @ The Bowery, Sheffield”

Interview – The Hot Soles

The Hot Soles. We’ve talked previously about this band. Three gigs (The Harley, Club 60, The Bowery) and also as a wake up song (yup). The three gig reviews done by three different writers, all enjoyed them live. So it was natural to get an interview with them. Continue reading “Interview – The Hot Soles”

Interview: Japanese Sleepers

Source: Japanese Sleeper’s Facebook. Go say “hi” to them :)

                                                                                     l-r: Gemma, Neal, Alex, Andy & Stephen

I’m slurring my words and my friend, Sr Huevo* is even worse. I tell him, “Don’t fucking say a word” during the interview I’m about to do with Nottingham/Sheffield-based band Japanese Sleepers, “Not a word!” Sr Huevo shakes his head like he actually understands what I’m trying to tell him.

“All my lyrics are really sad, I find it hard to write lyrics that are…it sounds really emo doesn’t it!?” Says lead singer Andy whilst discussing his musical style.

Sr Huevo: “You need to cheer up mate”

“It’s cliché but the best artists seem to come out of heartbreak or existential crises. I went through all my songs on iTunes the other day and tried to look for songs that are happy, lyrically positive and it was out of 6,000 songs I could think of maybe like, 14. This is why my lyrics are so sad!” Continues a chuckling Andy.

Sr Huevo: “Was this Spice Girls by any chance?”

Andy: “Yeah the one Spice Girls album that I’ve got!”

In my addled mind, Sr Huevo may as well be Michael Parkinson right now. This is going to be great…
Continue reading “Interview: Japanese Sleepers”

Graceless ending to a lovely evening

Live Review: Cats:For:Peru EP launch + Japanese Sleepers @ The Bowery, 25.03.11

After managing to rope in an old friend to come out with me, I get to The Bowery in high spirits. I’ve been meaning to catch a Cats:For:Peru show for way too long now, so what better way to kick things off than with the launch of their new EP?
Continue reading “Graceless ending to a lovely evening”