Tramlines 2013 – Recommendations


We know it’s a very busy weekend, this whole Tramlines thing, so we’ve done a lil’ list of bands we really suggest you check. Heck, some of these we placed in a neat lil’ podcast.

Like last year, we’ve compiled a nifty PDF file you can print with our recommendations. Print it double sided, fold it and Bob’s your uncle (we did the DNA test).

Sloucher – Tramlines 2013 recommendations (click here for pdf download)

Don’t agree? The official Tramlines website has the whole guacamole-filled quesadilla and even better, you can buy a Tramlines guide (which wasn’t made in fugly Excel like mine) for 3 quid, available right now at The Harley and The Wick at Both Ends.

Without any further ado (the lest words I type, the less grammar mistakes I make) here’s a few venues we believe have a gorgeous line up…



The right ol’ start to Tramlines is just half a day, but it gets busy and it gets to be rather excellent. How about these line-ups? Don’t miss The Scaramanga Six, Everyone an Army and Best Friends!


Xray Horse: The Forum (Free Entry)

Go Native 18:00

The Kickliner 18:45

Unicorn Hunters 19:30

The Scaramanga Six 20:15

Whispering Dolls 21:00

Best Friends 21:45

PAWS 22:30

Seize The chair 23:15


Kimmy yeah: Penelopes

Unwave  18:00

Perfect Parachute Picture 18:45

Everyone an army 19:30

Karhide 20:15

Ghost of Alaska 21:00

Actual Midgets 21:24

Alright the captain 22:30

Gregory S. Davies Band 23:15


The Audacious Art Experiment The Audacious Art Experiment (Free Entry)

That Fucking Tank TBA

Che Ga Zebra TBA

Azores TBA

Los Cripis TBA

Wooderson TBA

Toucans TBA



Saturday is always the busiest day of the whole festival. If the city centre gets to be a bit much, why not jump into The Busker Bus and have a whale of a time with bands doing their acoustic magic while trying to keep balanced? You can also relax at The Folk Forest or be a cool kid and join The Thin, The Hip & The Young at places with top line ups like The Bowery or The Great Gatsby?

Whatever you do, don’t walk around with a stuffed sock monkey. That’s just plain silly.


Kimmy yeah: Penelopes

Pawshaker        18:00

The Filter Queue 18:45

Billy Ray Osiris 19:30

Firesuite        20:15

Smithereens      21:00

Black International 21:45

Kimmy Yeah      22:30

Digitonal        23:15


Semi Detached: The Great Gatsby (Free Entry)

Five Leaf Nettles 15:00

L’Amour Des Rêves 16:00

Wooderson 17:00

Just Handshakes 18:00

Traams 19:00

Pixel Fix 20:00

LOOM 21:00

Superfood 22:00

Only Real 23:00

ALASKA 00:00

Tropic of Youth 01:00

DJ sets by Blessa, Unmade Bed & Wild Heron.


The Audacious Art Experiment The Audacious Art Experiment (Free Entry)

Champion Lover TBA

Pjaro TBA

Elopes TBA

Screen Wives TBA

imboredofbastards TBA

Jim Ghedi TBA


Tye Die Tapes – TDT HQ (Free Entry)

(starts at 4:30 pm with Collider)

Fawn Spots
Omi Palone


The Bowery The Bowery (Free Entry)

Brown Brogues TBA

Flaming Skulls TBA

Wild Smiles TBA

Temple Songs TBA

Honeyblood TBA

Blessa TBA


Rale TBA

Beaty Heart TBA

Sheen TBA

Avida Dollars TBA

Wide Eyed TBA


The Folk Forest – Endcliffe Park (Free Entry)

Early Cartographers 13:00

Captives On The Carousel 14:00

The Little Mesters Label Showcase 15:00

Rozi Plain 16:00

The Payroll Union 17:00

The Lost Brothers 18:00

This Is The Kit 19:00



Sunday, the last day of the festival and we have some more toned down stuff for you at The Folk Forest, some well-curated rock at DAda Bar (via the fine tasted people of Freaky Fuzz), a proper acoustic set at Shakespeare’s and some mighty noise at Queen’s Social.


Shakespeare’s – Shakespeare’s (Upstairs) (Free Entry)

I Set The Sea On Fire TBA

Pylo TBA

Pocket Satellite TBA

Grafham Water Sailing Club TBA

The Broken Saints TBA

Polkadodge TBA

Dandelions & Buttercups TBA

The Clench 16:00

Wagonwheel Media presents: Shakespeare’s (Courtyard) (Free Entry)

Dave Sleney 14:35

Tommy R. Jones 15:35

The Farewell State 16:35

Boss Caine 17:35

The Listeners 18:35

Richard Kitson 19:35

Big Convoy 20:35

Roaming Son 21:35


Semi Detached & The Harley: Queens Social Road

Unmade Bed 16:00

Slowcoaches 17:00

Death Rays 18:00

Kappa Gamma 19:00

Screaming Maldini 20:00

Sweet Baboo 21:00

Summer Camp 22:00


Freaky Fuzz DAda Bar (Free Entry)

Brazinskas 16:30

Puzzles 17:30

Bitches 18:30

Patterns 19:30

Vuvuvultures 20:30

Grass House 21:45


Tired & Mardy Presents : The Bowery (Free Entry)

The Nose (Neil McSweeney) & David J. Roch (Band) 13:30

High Hazels 15:00

Canyon Family 16:00

Story Books 17:00

Deaf Club 18:00

The Payroll Union 19:00

Coasts 20:00

Algiers 21:00

Let’s Buy Happiness 22:00

The Book Club 23:00


The Folk Forest – Endcliffe Park (Free Entry)

Carl Woodford 13:00

The Mother Folkers 14:00

Bridie Jackson & The Arbour 15:00

Brulle 16:00

Neil McSweeney 17:00

Woolly Mammoth 18:00

John Smith 19:00


House vs Home – Red House (Free entry)

Heroes of the Mexican Independence Movement


MJ Hibbett and The Validators

August Actually

The Understudies

Grace & the Magic Roots


The Savage Hercules

Izzy Isgate

David Leach

And before I type “that’s all she wrote”, I’d like to include a bit of info on Tenderfoot an art exhibition that will be  around from the 17th and extending all the way over to the Tramlines weekend. This exhibition is at APG Works (16-20 Sydney Street) and will include sculpture, documentary photography, fine art, illustrations and installations. All contributors have self-funded the exhibition in  a way to help each other get exposure. RSVP here.


Some of the art in exhibition is by:

Belinda Ayres.

Jayne Dent.

Natasha Eves.

Jessica Heywood.

Steve Hithersay.

Laura Hodkin.

Opening times are 10-17:30 (weekdays) and 11-16 (Saturday). Free entry. I’d like to thank Steve Hithersay for the heads up.

Now, enjoy your Tramlines 2013.

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