Gig : Dead Sons @ The Bowery

Whatever the weather was outside The Bowery on that Saturday, the insides of the joint were nearer the hot and humid locals of downtown Tampico than the chilly and humid haunts of Sheffield

The crowd was overnumerous, but still managed to squeeze by to the front, just in front of a speaker. Schoolboy mistake if you’re listening to a band with heavy sounds like Dead Sons, but fandom trumps intelligence, dig?

A shard of glass in the knee, heavy pushing and a boot in the face will follow. Straight out of the bat, the band kicks it with ‘Room 54’, the one where a primordial fear is awoken after that unnerving feedback intro. In for a pound, in for a penny was the name of the game, as ‘Bangonfullturn’ followed suit (scream included).

A few newer tracks were offered too. ‘A love as good as ours’ is a mellower side of the band, a proper left curve (sorta like ‘The execution of Lily Rose’ contrasted to ‘Room 54’). ‘Ghost Train’ is merciless and ‘Stuck in a maze’ is possibly my fave of the new bunch, a proper psychedelic rock romp through the desert. ‘Hangman’, the new single, got some righteous love from the crowd.

Some oldies were spun out. ‘Junk Room’ seems to have had a facelift (no organ*, slightly rockier), ‘Shotgun woman’ got a couple in the front doing the choreography and ‘Hollers & the hymns’ still has that edge that made it such a classic. Heck, when you’ve got one of your band members dropping his guitar and jumping into the public, you know the right frequency has been tapped and exploited.

And just as it started, it ended, with a loud ring in most ears and a pretty happy public  and an exhausted band. Now, go buy a single.

*It’s a real small stage for 5 dudes and their gear. Maybe skipping the organ was in the best interest of everyone involved.

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Words & Pic: Sam J. Valdés López

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