Short Story: Restock in Oaxaca.

Editor’s note: this story is linked to Bonetti’s EP, Dos Mescal para vamanos, out now on The Audacious Art Experiment. Order here. I came in to the west, riding buses from state to town as far east as Tulum, Quintana Roo. The depot was filled with local hermanos, flamboyant sombreros and a blazing sun so wretched my eye was leaking, and a permanent squint ached … Continue reading Short Story: Restock in Oaxaca.

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Aquí no hubo escena, pero sí amigos

Aquí No Hubo Escena (ANHE) no planeaba llegar a cinco ediciones. Ni siquiera a dos. Si cuando estábamos resanando y decorando la pared del local en Azcapotzalco donde se llevó a cabo la primera edición algún profeta de las calles nos hubiera dicho a Fabro, Vampi, Moy, Chazz y a mí que llegaríamos a trabajar con Bobby Bray (The Locust) o montar el show de … Continue reading Aquí no hubo escena, pero sí amigos

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I’m less metal than you – a day at Mexico’s Hell and Heaven festival

“But I don’t even like metal” I said before seeing it was a free ticket. Then I donned a Wet Nuns tee and hoped for the best. In this case, the best case scenario was the festival actually taking place and not getting surreptitiously cancelled by some government prick. Even if I got a free ticket the day before and stage times were confirmed, I … Continue reading I’m less metal than you – a day at Mexico’s Hell and Heaven festival

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Podcast: Radio Chaneque – Copeando con los Guarriors vs El día de las madres

NOTA: Aparentemente Mixcloud y WordPress se agarraron del chongo y ya no me deja poner el embed. Lo pueden escuchar aquí si no aparece el widget. En esta ocasión, Los Guarriors se quejan de los villamelones que apenas y se acuerdan de celebrar a su progenitora, de malas experiencias y de, um, despachos contables. Clasificación E. Acompáñenlo con leche. Invitada especial: Ara. Este podcast utiliza los siguientes … Continue reading Podcast: Radio Chaneque – Copeando con los Guarriors vs El día de las madres

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Interview – Yokozuna

Source: Yokozuna's Facebook.
Source: Yokozuna’s Facebook.

Exactly a month ago, I had the pleasure of reviewing Yokozuna’s rather excellent Quiero Venganza. I quite enjoyed the album and got in contact with Arturo & Antonio Tranquilino, the brothers who make up this band. Quick email exchange and away the questions went, which got answered in less than 24 hours.

Never be said us Mexicans are lazy. Now, for something completely different: Continue reading “Interview – Yokozuna”

Interview – Joe Volume

Back in September, we reviewed the album Lonesome water, lonely sea by Joe Volume, who we’ve been following for a while (both on twitter and music terms). The last few months seemed to have been a rollercoaster in the life of this musician and we wanted to drop him a couple of questions by email. Without any further ado, this is how it went down:

Continue reading “Interview – Joe Volume”

Wake up to June

Tuesday, the February of the month. Always feels like a Richard Clayderman sort of affair, especially on these colder days. On that note, the music of México‘s own June has that nostalgic feeling, so much like a forlorn shadow sighing at dusk, on top of a hill no one plays at anymore. Christ, I’m depressed now! Anyways, this is June and we’ll be reviewing their … Continue reading Wake up to June

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