Band of the week: Turbina


A funny thing happened on the way to pop stardom. At least it did for Mexico’s Turbina, a band whose first album, Panamerica,was a sweet collection of radio friendly songs.

Then something awoke inside the band. Call it by whatever name you want to, but the band reinvented itself with a double album, recorded simultaneously but released separately. The album was called Leti’ Hum eek’ – Inda Jani – Mish Masadi and the first part had nightmarish atmospheres (‘La noche’) and brutal  gutpunches (‘El Predicador’, ‘Cretino’), whilst still having tracks where the songs lingered one, gaining a new flavour like a red wine getting some air.

Part two of Leti’ Hum eek’ – Inda Jani – Mish Masadi was released last year and although it never was overtly fierce, there was a mean undertow creeping there, with tracks like ‘Lego Delator’ & ‘Shiva’ clearly being prime cuts in a collection of art rock.

What do future releases spell for Turbina and their ever evolving sound? That I do not know, but so far, the pop mask has long been abandoned and the experimental band has found the first strong step of their (hopefully) long journey.

Listen to Turbina and other swell Mexican bands in this little mix we made for you:

Words: Sam J. Valdés López

Turbina Bandcamp. Twitter. Website. Facebook. Soundcloud


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