Hawk Eyes – Ideas

Lessons in hard metal, part 3:

1) Get some heavy riffs.

2) Let it all out in a very angry manner

3) Repeat until the feelings are spent

4) If after 11 doses you aren’t feeling better, repeat, repeat, repeat until you overdose.

Hawk Eyes , that heavy four piece that treated us a couple of months ago with Mind Hammers are back with a full-on lp filled with that angry, riff-laden hard rock that they have been known to swagger ’round the bend. Ideas is the name of this new collection of tracks, “attitude” is the first and only adjective that falls into place after listening to them.

Enough gushing about the band’s guitar work; they know their chords and use them more than properly to hit you constantly. The first two tracks (‘Witch Hunt’ & ‘Skyspinners’) are like siamese twins; the ideas of one following the other, each song seamlessly crossing over to each others’ territory and leaving a mark.

‘Ideas’ if easily the moment when you acknowledge that you might need some protective headgear (or just some gear) for the rest of the album. In hindsight, the beginning of the album is the easy listening, friendly part, from this moment onwards, it will heavy and punky (‘You deserve a medal’), speedy and hard (‘Milk hog’) and smouldering hard (‘Kiss this’).

The band has more to say that short burst of armour piercing salvo. ‘Hollywood sweatshop’ (aka Jan DeBont’s house) is unforgiving and relishes its running time to hit you, wave after wave. The gritty sandblasting continues in equally strong pieces like ‘The Meeting’ and the insane ‘Bears by the head’, an invitation to let it all out. Bad day in the office? On a rout? Life grinding you down? Stand up and headbang to these tunes. Heck, use ‘Bees’ 6:55 running time to slowly march with a hard look and swagger.

Who says guitar music is dead? It’s alive and walking with an attitude. Hawk Eyes sees this and lays it on the table for you to deal with it.

Words: Sam.

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