Hawk Eyes – That’s What This Is


Fuck me! Hawkeyes aren’t taking any prisoners with their latest offering, That’s What This Is. EP opener and title track, ‘That’s What I’ve Got’, grips your ears with one hell of a riff, destructively tight drumming, and yelping vocals that sound more like a call to arms than anything else.

‘Never, Never Not Now’ has the sound of Foo Fighters circa The Colour and the Shape, full of belief and energy, a desire to prove themselves and silence the crowd, or preferably have them singing along. ‘Cheap’s duel vocals add a polished level of depth to the production, contradicting with the distorted false chorus that gives the track an exciting duality and a garage band DIY. Undeniably, That’s What This Is’ most exciting track, both musically and vocally. “Dance with the devil’s daughter / wine her in holy water” is a fantastically Black Sabbath-esque lyric that deserves to be barked by audiences everywhere.

‘More than a Million’ is a dirty, bass powered hymn of sin, full of anger and vengeance, demanding gritted teeth and clenched fists raised to the night, before exploding in the bridge into a tumbling, majestic mess of whirling guitars and cymbals, building to a carefully orchestrated level of chaos and a frustratingly abrupt ending, hooking you immediately into repeated listens.

In the ever accurate words of Fry from Futurama, “Shut up and take my money!

Words: Fuzz Caminski

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