Hawk Eyes – Mindhammers

My review this time is about Hawk Eyes new EP: Mindhammers. The album is a compilation of 5 strong songs, with a kind of  sad/depressive feel.

Looking at the album cover, I immediately thought that the idea of this name was referring to certain situations which end up in breaking our minds, then after I came to listen to it, well, I would say I was not wrong about this hypothesis.

So I began listening and I perceived the Metal, the Punch, the insane riffs, so much activity in every instrument, even in the lyrics. All this stuff remind me of darkness, not in a nostalgic mood, more of a mind-breaker as the name of the album itself. This was the first song, ‘Crack Another One’, the presentation of the album as being the first one and of course, the ticket to continue the trip through it.

After the first song ended I decided to continue my trip because the combination of metrics, rhythm, speed and arrangement got me interested. So the next song appeared: ‘Mindhammers’. With a very fast pace and the rhythm guitar as the base, ‘Mindhammers’ creates an atmosphere and paves the road through the song. However, you can’t avoid paying attention to the lead guitar, it bestows on the song the clarity and the melodic delirium; and even if the drums and the rhythm guitar seem to be angry, I discovered that the lead guitar is not exactly about anger but about uprising and soldiering on. It still continued to be a good combination of elements so I kept on listening.

‘Dead Man’s Hand’ appeared, a song with a gruff voice and of course, a gruff feeling. Strong riffs, very rhythmic and constant. I would say the fluency of the song is kind of chopped in order to express the determination of the ideas, ideas of complaint but at the same time telling you, you’re lucky that you haven’t been yet hurt.

So I was still interested; although the ideas of the songs (and album) were based in a disappointment or in a difficult/depressing situation, that approach was different in every song. I continued to the next one and I fell for the album at last. This song captivated me. ‘Eleven Years’, a song about being tired and sad, but making emphasis in the extent of moving on to certain direction, even if it’s not the one you’d like to take. Due to stubbornness, you’ve been in the same track for some time already so you need to change to something completely new. The song is expressing you should  try to start again and learn from the mistakes. And even if you don’t pay attention to the lyrics, you can deduct this from the music. The beginning is very melodic and happy (referring to the comfort going into a habit and ending in monotony)  then later, the riffs and guitar solos change and go into chaos, so it comes the explosion; it’s about everything changing, about a new beginning, while you want to stay  but now you can’t.

It was weird because at this point I was really depressed, I wanted to go out and feel free, look for my happiness and my new path in life. Anyway I waited and did not look for that happy ending in my life since I was almost at the goal line of the album. The last song was coming, ‘Hidden Hound’. I think it’s the darkest song of all in the EP; the drums are syncopated with the guitar riffs in the intro, giving this spectral environment. Then the intro ends and the guitars and drums are merged instantly and completely. The dark continues since the voice is in low pitch, you can even hear a slice of disappointment in it.

The kind of disappointment when you’ve given your best but you’re receving nothing in return, not even a bad outcome. Then when the song seems to be in trouble, no that the song is wrong but the atmosphere I mean, so there’s a change in the pace and rhythm again, as though someone is fighting but not exactly beating each other, or as though someone is trying to commit suicide, or as if you were reading the starting line of the end of a book. But then, the song ends just like that, so the end is open for you to decide if at last the outcome should be good or bad.

At that pointed I wanted to go out and have fun, indeed, I didn’t want to believe in society again but in people…

Well, this is a depressing album (due to its subject matter) but the music, with very strong riffs, rhythmic, with a fast pace and lots of Metal is not so depressive.  The kind of Metal we used to listen everywhere around the beginning of the millennium; if you like this kind of music then you should listen to Mindhammers, really something that is breaking your mind in the end, giving you the opportunity to start once again. Enjoyable!

Words: LalaUsagi

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