Stream: Birthmark – Find Yourself

Somewhere near a dark Scottish loch, a man looks at the sky and wonders :”Why am I not part of Clan Kinsella?” The family name that has given us musical treats like Owen, American Football, Cap’n Jazz, Joan of Arc also includes Nate Kinsella, who has his own very cool project called Birthmark.  The last Birthmark album, Antibodies (our review), was a blast of joyful instruments arranged in a Goldberg Machine structure. ‘Find Yourself’, the new single … Continue reading Stream: Birthmark – Find Yourself

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Video Round Up: The Eastern Sea, Beach Day, Alex Napping, La Chance, Motes

  Hey ho, away we go! It’s another one from our “let’s keep bands and PRs happy with a quick post!” book of blogging! That is: VIDEO ROUND UP! First, we’ve got a brand new single by Cromwellian chamber popites (!) The Eastern Sea. ‘Silver Spoon’ spearheads a cavalcade of new tracks that we will hype, hyperbole and hug (in that order) once they are out. In … Continue reading Video Round Up: The Eastern Sea, Beach Day, Alex Napping, La Chance, Motes

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Review: Lana Del Rey – Ultraviolence


Ahoy, fellas! Since I’m waiting with bated breath for the final episode of season 4 of Game of Thrones, I realised I was really looking forward to the terrible violence that will ensue. You could say I wanted violence beyond violence. Ah, you could say I want some… Ultraviolence?

My editor, knowing full well that I have “a thing” for Lizzie Grant, aka the yang to Lana Del Rey‘s yin (not ying), managed to get his pal Rollo Tomasi to send him a reviewer’s copy of this album because fuck trying to get it from the label. So, grab a peppermint chamomile tea and read my in depth gushing of the new Lana Del Rey joint.

Oh, and spoilers… A RANT:  Continue reading “Review: Lana Del Rey – Ultraviolence”

Was this your celebrated summer? – RSD 2013

Single section at Vinyl Demand

“A record store, like Jesus and a puppy, are for life, not for a one day celebration.” So texted my associated editor, Orestes P. Xistos when I asked him if he’d join me in filming the people queuing outside Record Collector, a shop smack in the heart of the now dying Broomhill area of Sheffield, England. Continue reading “Was this your celebrated summer? – RSD 2013”

Tramlines 2011

Tramlines 2011. 

Every year, the city of Sheffield goes into full party mode and hosts the Tramlines festival, a veritable smogarsbord of musical talents, packed venues and heat stroke incidents (some of them rather unfortunate).

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Singles review – Week of June 6

Lumiere – Almadoble Brand new singles by this Mexican band, finding them on that deadly, uncharted ground of pop with strange existential lyrics about doppelgangers and the identity of the man on the other side of the mirror of your soul. It’s a tad short to really grow full wings and soar into something more, but it’s a good appetiser for their upcoming album. Chorus … Continue reading Singles review – Week of June 6

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Rhyme, reason and the new wave of iphone poetry

Captives on the Carousel album launch @ Riverside Café pub.

With musical guests Andy Doxfield, Gina Walters, Carl Woodford and The Mother Folkers. Poetry by Sarah Thomasin, Mark James and Ollie Francis.

It was a lovely, sunny Sunday afternoon at Riverside Cafe, where the atmosphere felt like a big family reunion. The sort of reunion where southern hospitality food is the menu of the day and where everyone seems to be getting along just fine. It might be idyllic, but I saw it on a Cameron Crowe film, so it has to be truth. On that note, Cameron Crowe’s films have always great musical choices and that’s my only tenuous link between him and this gig, where the musicians and the poetry in the midst felt like a small mixtape you get from a good friend.

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