Stream: Birthmark – Find Yourself


Somewhere near a dark Scottish loch, a man looks at the sky and wonders :”Why am I not part of Clan Kinsella?” The family name that has given us musical treats like Owen, American Football, Cap’n Jazz, Joan of Arc also includes Nate Kinsella, who has his own very cool project called Birthmark. 

The last Birthmark album, Antibodies (our review), was a blast of joyful instruments arranged in a Goldberg Machine structure. ‘Find Yourself’, the new single from Birthmark‘s upcoming album, How You Look When You’re Falling Down, again brings the multi-instrument approach. It’s like taking a dive into a whirlpool of musical instruments.

How You Look When You’re Falling Down is out 10/16/15 on the loveliest of labels, Polyvinyl Records. Pre-order available now.

Birthmark Twitter. Facebook. BandcampWebsite.

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