Words: Owls – Two + Why American Football Changed My Life…?

Owls are back!


I’m slightly nervous because I literally have no idea how to construct a review for the album…I think after listening to the album I’ve completely forgotten to write. Am I a bad person? NO. Listen to Two, it’s full of excellent Kinsella JAMS, gentle twiddles and odd lyrics -seriously. (I may or may not get told off for this ‘review’ by Orestes).


Purchase Two here:



On a slightly related note…have American Football changed your life?  Well they changed mine, and with the re-release in May, I think it’s only fair to give my reasonings for why AM changed my life – HA…


WARNING: Streams of conciousness 


What is your favourite album?

What is my favourite? The album I’d choose over any? That one album which sends me weak at the knees, cutting off all blood circulation, crippling me into a coma. I have no idea. Do you?

So, I guess I’m going to have to choose ONE of my favourites….and that’s American Football’s self titled debut album. Their only album. Fronted by total emo forever, Mike Kinsella – THE emo god. It’s a perfect album, perfect in every way. You know on TV Sitcom, Parks and Recreation, when they eat those huge waffles from the diner? Yeah? Well it’s better than that. The album melts in the mouth and opens up your eyes to the wonders of the world.

“Let’s just pretend” –  lyrics, depressing as fudge but it’s okay! They’re fabulous –  I know each and every word and don’t even care if I’m caught whining them as I walk to the bus stop in the morning. Way too many tears have been shed when listening to this album, it’s like Mike is guiding you through life. Holding your hand, whispering everything is okay, it’s good to be alive, honest.

I first heard American Football in 2011, I really despise the person who introduced me to the band, but I guess this made my love for them ever stronger, or something cheesy like that. But, yeah, when I first heard the album, I cried. I never cry. It’s not that my hearts made of stone, but you know, it really really got to me – I bathed in my own tears like a true emo, for days 

It’s not just American Football who I’m like this with, practically all of the Kinsella brothers reduce me to a fragile little human. BUT THAT’S WHAT I WANT. I don’t want an album that when you listen to it you think to yourself, meh! That wasn’t gritty, or that didn’t change my life! But then again, if every album I listened to changed my life, I think I’d be dead by now, if not dead, then living some pretty messed up life – ha.

Words: Catriona Chadderton



Owls website facebook

American Football website facebook




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