Singles review – Week of June 6

Lumiere – Almadoble

Brand new singles by this Mexican band, finding them on that deadly, uncharted ground of pop with strange existential lyrics about doppelgangers and the identity of the man on the other side of the mirror of your soul. It’s a tad short to really grow full wings and soar into something more, but it’s a good appetiser for their upcoming album. Chorus is as catchy as that flu that’s going around, but instead of making it feel like a smashed up egg, it makes you bob your head. Drink Pilsner lager with this one. – Quinto

Knesset – Steady

There’s some magic in Arizona, and it’s depicted too through dreamy and talented riffs that build shoegaze style.

This is KNESSET, who present their album ‘Coming of Age’ with their nostalgic, yet powerful single ‘Steady Hands’. What can we expect?: drums full of stamina and shades that will be better magnified through delicate guitar riffs mixed with some organs in the “dream” mode. Not enough? Just, listen to distorted guitars (the corner of your dream) and the voice; it all mixes and shapes a hidden place among the chaos of this world.

Just close your eyes and give yourself in to this KNESSET mood. –Tonan

Goldsoul – Blood red / Waiting a lifetime

New single by this band from Barnsley, rocking out some sludgy rock pop tunes that should sit better with a weather that isn’t as fidgety as the one we are suffering. Global warming my arse. ‘Blood red’ is on full overdrive and with that thumping Brit rock. Cool solo. B-side ‘Waiting a lifetime’ feels rockier (if that makes sense, I’ll give ya a quarter) a bass heavier, definitely the stronger of the two. Double shot. –Quinto

Baddies – Tiger Face

I’m still not sure if I even like Southend’s Baddies – they’re strangely commercial yet weirdly frantic/punky indie rock. I have to say I prefer other songs of theirs to this new single (from their forthcoming second LP). I don’t like the fluffy lyrics on this (halfway through the track suddenly everyone is ‘on an aeroplane’) which add to the sense of schizophrenic confusion throughout – frankly, it’s a bit bewildering for an old broad like me. One thing I do like is the sense of experimentation and the math-rock tinged bass and drumming on ‘Tiger Face’ which gives it that little kick of interest. As I said, I’m not sure if this was the right choice for a single but hey, worse things happen at sea (unless you’re living in Life of Pi, that is). – Misky.


Goldsould @ Myspace

Lumiere @ Facebook

Knesset @ Bandcamp

Baddies @ Pledgemusic (free streaming)

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