Video Round Up: The Eastern Sea, Beach Day, Alex Napping, La Chance, Motes

Source: Schmilblick’s flicker.


Hey ho, away we go! It’s another one from our “let’s keep bands and PRs happy with a quick post!” book of blogging! That is: VIDEO ROUND UP!

First, we’ve got a brand new single by Cromwellian chamber popites (!) The Eastern Sea. ‘Silver Spoon’ spearheads a cavalcade of new tracks that we will hype, hyperbole and hug (in that order) once they are out. In the meantime, dream of sunny days and pools with this lyric video. If you fancy the song, you can buy it from their bandcamp.

Beach Day have given us several lessons through the years. One was don’t call me on the phone. Another one was that you can make an old classic sound fiercer. Last lesson was the power of invoking Godzilla (via maroon t-shirt). And from that Godzilla invocation comes this by-product: the video for ‘I’m just messing around’.

I confess: it was me who burned a hole through the mattress. I also meant to post this Alex Napping video a long time ago. Oh, well, ‘Catcalls’ still is a great song from last year’s This is not a bedroom, a sensual trip in psych pop country. Alex Napping are currently trying to get Chevy Chase on their next video, which I hope it works, as long as they don’t get Dan Harmon to direct. More lovely songs here.

Mexico’s La Chance have a coldwave/electronic EP coming soon, called Aquí comienza todo. One of the first tracks out is ‘Naufragio interior’ and the b&w photography intertwines with the frosty notes. You can listen to another track, ‘Zen’, at their Bandcamp.

As a public service, we at Sloucher, the web’s premiere Shithole of a Website (TM) can attest the power of plushy dolls coming to life via music possession. Motes know this is true and the lovely video for ‘Great Lake’ follows the struggle of one courageous bunny sorting its way to a Motes gig. Poor bunny is brokenhearted to miss Withershins, though. Motes newest album, Keep it in the dark, can be bought at Heirship Records’ Bandcamp. Check out other Heirship Records releases right here.


The Eastern Sea WebsiteTwitterFacebookLast.fmSoundcloud.

Beach Day Tumblr. Facebook. Soundcloud. Twitter

Alex Napping Bandcamp. Facebook. Twitter. Tumblr. Soundcloud.

La Chance Facebook. Bandcamp.

Motes Twitter. Bandcamp. Facebook.


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