Singles – Bromheads, Firesuite, Chickenhawk and Kong

Bromheads – Friends

The little ditty that could. A bittersweet song about the ups and downs of friendships and maybe that the best course of action is just to shrug your shoulders and soldier on. Getting kicked out TWICE from a building might be the side-effects of this earworm of a song. Love the drumming and “you will like it after you’ve heard it twenty times” (TM Tim from Bromheads) .

Bromheads Least of her worries

A good closer for the almost year long project of free singles every month (no delays, no time outs, always free), taking in the strengths of the now firm sound of Bromheads : cool chords, some solid drumming and a leisure pace for some honest music. Also, that’s how you rock a solo.

Get it for free here.

Firesuite Amity

A slightly psychedelic shoegazey song that has just the right amount of reverberation and whispered lyrics. Supposedly their other stuff is less dreamy, but sounds like a good omen of things to come. Check it out (it’s free to download too) at their bandcamp. Pay a lot of attention to the last minute of the song. Proper way to end a song, that one.

Did we mention it’s free? Click here.


And we end this edition of single reviews with some pretty angry music. First we have Chickenhawk, offering some good riffs and vocals that can be give or take, depending on your mood and musical preference. The pacing is a little manic but sometimes you really need to headbang to something. I know I do need it to vent out right now.

Get it free at their bandcamp.

Kong Count to nine

That thing about needing something manic and angry? This one serves it up, with some strange vocal processing that does add a little out-of-this-wordliness (!) to the song. With the right amount of punky attitude (and a cameo by Matt Caughtran from a little cool band called Mariachi el Bronx), this Manchester group will do just fine with their upcoming gigs with 65daysofstatic.

Get it at their bandcamp. Cover image is very NSFW, so watch out.


About the author: Sam genuinely believes that Bandcamp is Myspace reincarnated. Without the glittery signatures.

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